View Full Version : [SUGGESTION / SIEGE] Include Obligatory Siege Tutorial Map

03-06-2013, 12:29 PM
Higor and @others: What do you think about creating some kind of tutorial map (or map series) and adding it to the public Siege servers which have to be completed before anyone can start joining the actual games?

This would be especially beneficiary when managing player bans because you could make them repeat the tutorial if they don't play by the rules. Many people try to get around bans by claiming "I had no idea" or "my dog was playing". With a "forced" tutorial people won't have any of these lame excuses anymore.

Combined with my other suggestion I made yesterday (Add Marker to Constructor (http://www.unrealkillers.com/f68/%5Bsuggestion-siege%5D-add-marker-constructor-3557/)) you could easily guide people around so they understand the basics and the essential concepts of Siege tactics (where to build SP, what is a leech, etc.)

I was thinking about some kind of tutorial as in Deus Ex, Half Life or System Shock.

It would be a single player map, nothing fancy. Just enough to serve the purpose of teaching.

The tutorial would be obligatory for players who've not been on the Siege server before.

Unfortunetely I'm neither a mapper nor a scripter nor a coder nor a Siege professional. But perhaps others would like to make something out of this simple yet powerful idea :love_heart:

--- Updated ---

I've got a nice female voice in my head guiding me through the tutorial. Perhaps |uK|fleecey could lend us her sassy vox dei? :love-struck:

03-06-2013, 01:02 PM
A Siege tutorial map coupled with bots (or FerBotz ? ;) ) Would be really awesome, and cool project for newbies and gettin more people that is too lazy to learn new mods !


03-06-2013, 01:51 PM
Once I a while I get requests from newbies about being able to run Siege, since most only want to learn I load FreeBuild on PUG server plus a random big map and let them have their way with it.
The same guidelines as always, don't enable cheats and if suddenly 5 or more players show up, leave or go to spectator.

I sense UnrealPark V2 will become 'that' BotZ map, you gotta see the top class bot pathing i'm doing there.