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Uploaded by SAM - 09-23-2012
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The sole purpose of these downloads and explanations is to make it possible for S3TC players to go play online without having to deal with the so called "skating player glitch" We asume that any server admin wants to make sure clients can play on their server(s) without any problems or hassle. If you are a server admin than you can help your clients by switching out all Default Unreal Tournament textures for the textures offered here.

In effect it doesnt change anything at all on the server, the gameplay will be the same, the mods will be the same, the maps will be the same, the downloads will be the same(which is none since the packages are default packages), etc, etc.

The only thing it does, is making sure S3TC players will have just as much fun playing on your server(s) as any other player. So if you want to help out the Unreal Tournament community than its highly appreciate if you go use the serverpackages for your server(s).

This download is highly recommended




04-25-2013 at 10:04 PM
idk if this is included in the Uk siege servers.. im noticing im having a similar problem when install UT every thing runs good a day or two.. but then I play on the siege server later and ppl glitch sliding around and wepons switch slowly going to try running this file in my system Ut folder see if it fixes the problem..

04-27-2013 at 11:15 AM
@hipN0 This isn't client side files. This is for serverside. If you use the standard ut textures from the UT you downloaded from here + patch you should be all fine..