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    Which Racing game should i get for Xbox?

    I need your help guys, I want a great racing game for the xbox but I dont know which one is best.
    I like simulated racing type games like the GT series.
    Here are my choises.
    Need For Speed

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    really omg hands down Burnout ......

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    it depends on your preference man.
    Burnout is more of a smash-em-up, edge-of-your-seat franchise. It really gets boring after awhile to be honest.
    NFS is probably the best choice you got on the list. They're getting into the realistic racing world and doing a pretty good job. Customization is everything here.
    Forza is a hard game and really really focus' on realism. If you want to really know how to shoot for the apex in a corner, this is your game.
    Really if you're up for something super realistic, go for forza. If you want something really fake, but OMGINCREDIBLEROFLOLOLOL, then go for burnout. If you want a nice balance between the 2, get NFS.

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    Take all of them, they have their pro's and con's, but they are still good games to play with.

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    no way just get Burnout man that game is SWEET......

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    lol eckzbawkz 360. That system is among one of the worst ever released by the big two or three that existed in any generation. The original is a different story though, if you have one of those I'd recommend a game called Quantum Redshift which was put together by most of the same team that did WipEout before Sony absorbed Psygnosis. Easily one of my favorites, a shame the sequel got canned.

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