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    Excessive Ban for one, Zero Ban for another, Same Offense. Same Game.

    @SAM This is getting to be an old story here. One thing is excessive bans. The other thing is Bans that apply for one dont apply for another.

    I join Clarion. I'm on Red.

    MEGA leaves the game !S because he is whining he was switched to blue.

    MEGA doesnt !S!T!P instead he !S - !P when the right moment comes. See screenshots of zonsole log

    Spelled out: MEGA waits for the right situation and rejoins an somehow I get switched to blue.

    @SAM ( Fleece banned me 60 matches for doing what MEGA just did above ^ )

    I call out MEGA's blatant Tean Change. Mod (banny) Does NOTHING. Banny saw MEGA clearly choosing the team he wanted.

    DClare points out to me that MEGA was red. So what? When the same happened to me, Fleece told me it was too bad, I have to take the team balance like a man and deal with it. To show me she was serious, she banned me 60 matches.

    @SAM Sooo how does this rule NOT apply to MEGA? MEGA got switched. Then he !S waiting for an opportunity to circumvent the switch. He switched when the moment came. Yet he was not banned like I was.

    Can you say FAVORITISM?

    @SAM Where is MEGA's ban? I dont mind being banned when Im wrong. But, when I see someone do the same thing I did (in the same game) and Zero Ban, it brings to question the judgement of the mods in who they choose to allow to break the rules AND also, the excessive length of the bans handed out.

    Banny banned me 52 games for doing the same thing MEGA did in the same game. MEGA is still playing. How is this possible?

    @SAM I think you need to have a pow-wow with your staff and make some clear cut rules that apply to EVERY player.

    @SAM also make some clear Protocols such as (Give Warning, then Kick, then Ban). Your noob mods just straight to the ban and the penalty is usually 10 times worse than the offense! No joke.

    So, I'm seeking a reduction in ban length AND also that MEGA gets the same penalty as me because he clearly did the same thing that Fleece banned me for previously.

    Oh and Banny. You suck. Just sayin'!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm aware that I'm showing my own !S!T!P so dont bother calling it out.

    The point is: Other people clearly tried to alter teams in front of banny and he Did NOT enforce the rules on them.
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    Mega was just recently banned for !s !t !p

    and no its not favoritism, i cant speak for banny's case here, but if i was there I would of banned him.

    I do also recommend you to come uk discord, forum is dead, no one really use it anymore, we have a report channel on discord, where you can post everything.

    we do warn, kick, ban.. new players.. that have no clue for anything..

    but let say mega, we warn him.. goes few days, he do same things again, should i warn him again or should i kick him?
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    First of all idk why you're involving another admin like fleece when it was me who banned you but let's come to the real part.

    This complete story is sugarcoated to make yourself look innocent but let me give you the actual truth (SERVER ADMINS CAN VERIFY THIS WITH LOGS).

    So I joined Red before **You**. And I have this problem alot of times when I join and I have high ping(I have 300) I get kicked after 5-10 seconds until I get stable ping. So same thing happened but in the meantime couple of players left on **BLUE** which included MEGA going to spec. [LOOK VIDEO BELOW] So when I reconnected I landed up on blue.

    Now let's take into consideration the order of people joining RED TEAM

    1. MEGA ( You heard DCLARE saying it too he was RED).
    2. Me
    3. You

    So going by the logic, had I not get kicked by server for high ping, it should've been YOU being balanced to BLUE team and Which is what I was trying to do. I was moving you to BLUE TEAM but apparently you got salty and started doing !s !t !p bullshit. MEGA was not wrong here. He was trying to get into his team and so was I according to the order of people joining RED. You were the LAST PLAYER.

    MEGA has been banned recently for a recent game for doing !s !t !p so your story of favoritism is clearly making no sense here.

    Lastly, you are clearly aware of the server rules as you've been warned multiple times for your spamming shit after some 1 does on the mine. You're not gonna get warnings all the time when you don't think with your head and within 5 seconds you go to spec and do stupid shit. The ban will stay it's original length. Nothing is going to change. Behave yourself and ensure it doesn't repeat again.

    You have done !s !t !p in the past aswell and got banned for it. Clearly, you didn't need to react out of your head by doing it again. You know the rules very well.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, next time use Discord server #reports channel as we're more active there and easier to follow up over there. People barely use forums
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