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    Post Join Us Application Form

    Join Us Application Form

    Name: Lionardo Josuie Guevaira Garcia

    UT Name (Common name and Aliases as well): KamirUtachi


    Email/MSN:[email protected]

    Location (What country you are from & are living in): El Salvador

    What do you think of |uK|:is a good team, fun, and entertaining

    What can you bring to this clan:Much fun

    How many years have you been playing UT:7 years

    Preferred gametype (Siege, LGI, NGI, Binslayer, BT): bonnyTrack, ctf face(capture flag normal), monsterHunt, Sniper elite, Instagib,

    Have you been or are you in any other clans:Not

    What is your UT history:I started playing at age 14, the server High speed, and ts ctf face

    Have you got or can use Teamspeak 3:I do not agree with that application, it's more fun to play natural

    Have you got XFire or can you use XFire:yes, svbullfighter23

    Other Comments: Espero llevarme bien con todos, feliz dia

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    Dont make duplicate join threads. You have been rejected. I would recommend you reapply in a few years. Till then, keep playing on the public server and join us on TeamSpeak.

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    denied not looking for someone who causes unecessary trouble even thought youve recently fixed up your act but i sensed it was only to have an attempt at joining 10$ says your going to go back to your old ways asap

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