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    Exclamation X4.GRIMREAPER Cheating

    I do not like to do this, but I hate the unfair, so I want to report to X4.GRIMREAPER Who I shot 15 times in the head from behind and did not die, only the bleeding effect was seen, I thought he had disconnected, but he kept moving; I warned everyone what he was doing, then he gave me an alert not to camp, which is ridiculous, because I only did a sup away from the base, since the map is big (CIVILWAR2), and I did this with the intention of covering my companions on the way to the enemy base, but when HE gave me warm I realized that apparently it would be An admin, and all this, I understood why he did not stop hitting shots in previous games. He is a regrettable abuse and the worst part is that he was never nice as a player, as he is one of the most spoken with a sense of complaint.
    UK needs serious and quiet admins, who only speak when they should and are Fair as Blaze or Fleece.

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    Can you post demo

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