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    I miss the old days.... question about a suicide command

    I used to do all-nighters on UT99 back in the very early 2000's with a buddy of mine. I just started playing this again and remember being a semi-wiz when it came to commands and binds but forgot everything. I started googling guides and for the most past, I'm back on track but there's just this suicide-insta-revive command where you could just bind this one specific command to a key and when pressed, you died but insta spawned as you died. He showed me how to do this way back but I can't figure it out.

    On UT99's last days on Dreamcast (a very sad time imo) we just spammed this by binding it to 3-4+ keys till we got like in the -30 000's just for sh*ts and giggles since everyone else in the room weren't playing anymore and using the only server left as a chat room.

    Anyone remember this command? There's a "| onrelease suicide" in there, but something comes before it.
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