My fondness for making Super Hero skins is well established (I am geek, here me roar... rawr!) but sometimes I come back around to something old to refresh it a bit.

Using the standards setup by Chris Ollis · · I made a number of initial Lantern Corps basics, not all of them but most; and I was content with that... though I did make some upgrades for more details in the blank-black parts of the skins later.

DC Comics created this character called The Phantom Lantern not too long ago who, unlike any other Lantern, had the ability to access the entire emotional spectrum of energy and change into any kind of Lantern.

I don't know if that's what inspired the thought, but however I got to it I'd been considering maybe using each of the Lantern skins I'd made to represent as a team color.

Had the idea for a long time before I started working on it; little thing, making a skin usually takes less than an hour but I tend to think about them days to months before I hop in and finally do it.

An edited/simplified version of my Agent Orange skin for the default, Team Colors each one of the Lantern Coprs skins I'd previously done... with the obvious exception of the Star Sapphires.

Gave it 16 faces, pulled randomly from a directory of those.