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    How to download faster

    Here's your solutions to faster downloads!

    A True Ninja master!
    Faster than Moko!
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    He is Flakcannonknight!

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    I thought this was general knowledge...

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    Illogical !
    This is obviously a lie.
    A true geek knows that the monitor is not the bit that computes.

    You must place the tower or body of the PC and your modem or router on a sloping surface, so that it runs down-hill.
    CPU throttling may play havoc on old PCs if they are not used to running in neutral.

    The physics behind this is, that you are giving it more potential-kinetic energy. You do not want to achieve actual or total-kinetic state, as this often ends in disaster.
    If you suspend the PC above the floor or table, you can gain more potential energy. The higher you go, and the more precarious the state, the more potential-kinetics you can achieve.
    This is where the phrase "running on a knifes-edge" comes from.

    It is a vague and arcane art at best, and not as scientific as the classic and more familiar "over-clocking".
    Results will vary depending on the mass of your PC, how high you can raise it from the surface of the planet, the angle of tilt, cross-winds and potential of bird-strike.

    This is knowledge from the "black book of stuff you do not tell to non-sys-admins". Not the catchiest of titles, but that's geeks for you.

    That's all true that is.
    ...if you look at it from the right angle.
    NW III
    "Your Unreal" lives-on
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