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    YO. I banned here 3 moths ago

    I banned on siege cause i removed some containers in other team that i know but nobody listen when i saw a guy who removed our containers instantly lol when i seee he removed most of our containers and that starts to make we lose i did the same too...sry i didnt remeber his nick exactly cause i played this 3, or 4 months ago lol. BTW i didnt know this server have any site or something like that...nice site...i would like to take this ban off...i had this ban for few weeks and waiting to an end but after date of end of ban is still. I start to playin other servers and try to go in some weeks later. Last time i try to go on this server was some month ago ? Now i read on this forum - someone want to "pern ban" for me. I would like never to remove other containers cause i always reporting this but when i see what that guy do in our team and nobody makes reaction on this what i saying and we starting to dramatically lose i just do the same in other team thats alll...but i never want to do this again. sry for that trouble i would like to back and promise to never do this aagain.

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