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    Sister sister down below..The atheist and the bear:

    Sister sister down below:

    There was a girl on the phone talking to her female friend saying "I think my boyfriend is going to kiss me tonight" as she was talking her little brother heard her say that her BF was gonna kiss her. Well him wanting to see this climbs the tree in the front yard and waits for his sister to come home from her date... Later on his sister and her boyfriend come up the steps to the door and he asks her if he can kiss her, she says wait I have to pray to God to see if I can. So she prayed this:

    Father, father up above, may I kiss the one I love?

    To which her little brother up in the tree replied:

    Sister sister down below, pucker up and give it a go!

    ~ The End

    The atheist and the bear:

    An atheist was walking in the forest admiring the scenery, he never thought about God, never cared about God, was a pure humanist. As he was walking in the forest a bear approached him, and got on it's hind legs at it was to about to attack him, in a loud voice the the atheist called out and said GOD HELP ME! All of a sudden everything when still frame, and God said to the atheist:

    Why do you call out to me now? You never cared about me, never acknowledged me, never loved me, why now in your trouble do you suddenly acknowledge me?

    The atheist said:
    Yes God I know I'm sorry, I'll worship you the rest of my life if you help me.

    God said:

    What do you want?

    The Atheist said:

    God if you would just make this bear a Christian so I may live.

    Suddenly the world started to move, the bear put his hands together and said:
    Father, please bless this meal I'm about to recieve...

    ~ The End

    I got that from 2 different pastors on the radio. Lolz XD

    I hope you didn't find them lame, I personally still laugh at that and I heard it a wile ago.

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

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    funny ...
    Moko Moko up above ... nvm :$

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    rofl xD

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