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Thread: Analog Or D-pad

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    Analog Or D-pad

    Which one do you mostly use with game controllers?

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    lol vague question ..depends. Now-A-Days , it's all analog but back in the day it was D-pad..I had good young countless hours on the SNES ..but then again days on FF7. so don't matter 2 me

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    2D or fighting game (assuming it's not best played with a fighting stick) D Pad. 3D game, analog stick. If and when I ever get my left handed flight stick hooked up again I'll probably use that for movement in some of my FPS games on PC. Also keyboard and mouse combo doesn't automatically have the advantage over a gamepad (both have their pros and cons, gamepads actually encourage more movement which requires higher sensitivity players to stay mobile and harder to hit in order for them to land a good shot) like many PC purists claim as any tool or device can only be as effective as the person using it. Where PC gamers have the advantage (competitively speaking) is that they are generally older and more experienced, not to mention online on consoles is still a relatively new thing.
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