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    Cool (HELP) package version mismatch

    hola a todos.
    tengo un problema a la hora de conectarme a servidores,
    me pide package 'de' version mismatch.
    alguien podria hacerme el favor de mandarmelo al correo
    [email protected]

    o brindarme la direccion de descarga
    se les agradece de antemano

    hello to everyone.
    I have a problem when connecting to servers,
    package asks me 'from' version mismatch.
    could someone please send them to me me the e-mail
    [email protected]

    or give me the address discharge
    are thanked in advance

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    Just delete "De.u" file in your ut/system folder or just install 436nodeltapatch to fix this issue.

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