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    F3 Enhanced Scoreboard: glitch or ?

    My attention span is too short to figure out if there's an answer to this already, but:
    Why is the F3 enhanced scoreboard always borked every time I join the server. During and at the end of the first game I play on COMBOINSTA I can not see any stats nor any team stats when I hit F3. Usually, once the next map starts the issue is "fixed", meaning, I can hit F3 to view the enhanced scoreboard. I wonder if this has something to do with how laggy it usually is for me despite having a ridiculous 20-30 ping...?

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    Sometimes it doesn't work, if it bothers you that much you should reconnect if you don't see detailed F3 stats, usually fixes it for me.

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    its cos you joined the match mid game it wont show it happens usually a reconnect fixes it the thing just has a mind of its own to be honest

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