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Thread: Hey guys

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    Hey guys

    Been playing for a few months now. Really like the game type.

    What's it cost to rent a server like that per month? I think the community could use another server like your Siege server so noobs like me can learn without getting in the way of the "pros".

    I would put the best 20 to 25 maps on it and make a thread with videos and other goodies to show noobs how it's done. I would post the thread over at and here if I get permission to do so.

    If the cost is right I don't see why it can't be done. Thanks 8)

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    Hello welcome nice you registered and posted!

    I guess you could use the second server to teach people how to play the pass is usually siegepug, you would just need someone to turn tournament mode off

    Saw your post in would be nice if you could get a team to play siege with
    There is a guide of siege here

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    Our server costs 117$ per month....

    We run dedicated
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