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    Jan 2011
    Saint Robert, MO, U.S.

    webiste for school lol xD

    it isnt great but i had to make a website for my website development class. so i figured id go with
    my favorite thing. siege lol.. copy and paste the code to check it out. this is the first page.. kinda like
    badgers page almost but a little bit different.

    <font color="Yellow">
    <body bgcolor="black">

    Home of UT99 MLSG
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\ut99.bmp" width="200" height="150" />
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\mlsg.png" width="680" height="150" />
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\ut99.bmp" width="200" height="150" />

    <hr color="silver"/>
    <font color="silver">
    <table border="2">

    <td><font color="#E0E0E0">Home</font></td><td><font color="#E0E0E0">Forums</font></td><td><font color="#E0E0E0">Register</font></td><td><font color="#E0E0E0">Resources</font></td><td><font color="#E0E0E0">Pictures</font></td>

    <hr color="silver"/>
    <p>Welcome to the home of MLSG which stands for Major League Siege.
    Siege is a mod in Unreal Tournament that has been edited over the past
    5 years, into what it is today. In Siege, there are two bases(usually
    blue and red), which each have a core that gives off resources which
    is called RU. The objective in Siege is to destroy the other teams base
    core while on the other hand, protect your teams base core. Each player
    in the game is suited with a constructor that allows the player to
    construct objects which in turn will determine each teams fate in the
    game. Objects include: supplier and supersupplier which give each player
    weapons, containers which heal other objects and increase
    max RU for each team, protectors and super protectors which shoot at
    enemies, and other enemy objects, minishields which act as a sheild to
    enemy fire, forcefields which is like a giant minishield, boosters and
    superboosters which players can jump on or into to get a a certain place
    (in some cases across the whole map), suits which enable players to fly,
    swim in lava, and other toxic liquid, weapons list which
    include a nuclear warhead and invincible warhead. And finally a few weapons
    that have been customly made by people in the UT community that have love
    for the game that much.
    <hr color="silver"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\basecore.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\resources.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\supplier.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\container.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\container.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\healthpod.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\booster.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\sbooster.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\jetpack.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\invisibility.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\shieldbelt.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\jumpboots.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\protector.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\warhead.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\teleporter.gif" width="200" height="150"/>
    <img src="C:\Users\js0352810\Desktop\mine.gif" width="200" height="150"/>


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    lol how do i c it?

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|SilverWing View Post
    lol how do i c it?
    My idea EXACTLY!

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    Feb 2011
    you should just post the link when your done not post all of the code most of the people here dont no what a h1 header is or a p paragraph.

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    Jan 2011
    Saint Robert, MO, U.S.
    ill post a pic tomorow. i forgot u cant see what i can cuz all my shits saved on my comp at school. dont kno what i was thinkin. i cant do the link cuz its not online.

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    Jan 2011
    Saint Robert, MO, U.S.

    Uploaded with

    open to advice, comments, opinions, ect.
    Last edited by |uK|Relentless; 11-17-2011 at 03:45 PM.

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    Whicked Sick |uK|Grimreaper's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    hahaha lol :P

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    Whicked Sick |uK|Anthrax's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    html lenguage...
    i know how do a html website also
    very good relent ;P

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    |uK|Relentless's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Saint Robert, MO, U.S.
    ya im suppose to be using style sheets. its pretty shitty compared to websites out there but im learning

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    Jan 2011
    I know you're starting, but you're starting with some basic mistakes already, so before you get used to do pages the way you're doing now, here's some lessons/criticism with the best of intentions, directed mostly to the html code in your first post:

    Rule #1: Do NOT put the body within the head tag. In a correctly built html page, you have the html where everything starts, then you have the head, put head stuff, then you close the head, then you open the body, put the body stuff, and then close the body, then close the html.

    Rule #2: The head should not have any other tags within it but: link tags (to css, favicon and other resources), script tags (for javascript mainly, but not limited to), title (the title of your page), metatags (mostly for SEO aka google, yahoo and other search engine) and a few others.
    Tags like center, divs, tables, u, b, etc, should not be in the head, those belong in the body only instead.

    Rule #3: Avoid using tags and attributes which are given as "deprecated" (deprecated means that currently they are still supported and working, but new browser versions may just drop them anytime in the near future). From your html, the following are deprecated:
    Tags: center, u, font
    Attributes: bgcolor
    For a small list of the main tags and attributes you should avoid, look here:

    Rule #4: Do NOT use tables as the struture of your site. For menus for example you should use mostly lists (<ul> and <li> tags with a few css properties setup). For the rest of the site you should base it off in div and span tags and use lots of css instead.
    Tables are mostly when you want to present "real tables" themselves with actual "table data".
    Also, for any visuals related to tables, divs, spans, imgs or whatever, use always CSS (and not inline css, use a seperate CSS file instead and then link it to your html page, it will make your life much easier and your site much better).

    Rule #5: Close ALL the tags you create. For instance, although you openned the body tag in the wrong place, you didn't close it either.

    Rule #6: In every external source you put, like your images for instance, do NOT use absolute paths (I mean that whole "C:\etc" path in each image), use relative paths instead (let's say you have your html in a folder called "my work", within that same folder you have an html, you create another folder called "myimages" or another name you find appropriate, put there your images and then call them in your image sources as "myimages/<your image file here>".

    Again, just constructive criticism.

    Other than that the site seems to be well thought for a first work

    And just a small rant to general html teaching if you don't mind (it doesn't mean it's directed to you , unless it applies): It still amazes me why these so called "html teachers" or "web design teachers" still teach deprecated tags like those and teach to build a table-based website. That's just making potential web designers to be held back and be extremelly outdated relative the "good practises" TODAY.
    Bad practises should be the first thing to avoid, and therefore teachers should make very clear what's the head tag and what's the body tag, what's a div, a span and what are tables and only when they should be used.
    After this, 2x more classes for basic CSS.

    I had 2 trainees at work with me who used "iframes" for fuck's sake! Because their teacher teached them so instead of using nowadays good and simple practises. (in a small note, if your teacher asks you to use iframes to do something, tell her/him to fuckoff, seriouslly, that's just plain retarded, stay away from iframes, they bring nothing but bad web design and many security flaws/opennings in your site)
    When I teached them proper CSS and proper HTML in about 2 hours (almost from nothing), they were blow away with the things they could do from there rather easilly and organized.

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