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    Couple Questions.

    1). Since we play siege, Most CTF Maps have a flag, in siege the core is MOSTLY Always where the "flag" Is, When i build a map, Do i go Actors-NavagationPoint-Flag Base? For the core, Or is there a specail actor for the core.?

    2). Team Spawn Point, all i see is Actor-Navagationpoint-Spawn Point, Thats not for a team, Where do i get Team Spawn,

    3). How do i make a door with Curves on it, I Use S-D Drawing but the lines are all Staright, even it if split is.(I Know how to make a door, i wanna know how u curve it)

    4). In nexgen you can type !o then go to Game settings, Then you can see the Author of the map, If i start from scratch(wich i am), Then save it, Does is say my name since my name is in my UT User, Or How do i change it?

    5). Whats the average size of a CTF Map 1024 is small but if i do bigger the texutre lagg and gets me dizzy, So whats the average size of the Cube?


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    1) The core is replaced by flag so "Flagbase" is the actor for core, you can set it's team by right-clicking properties > team 0 = red, team 1 = blue

    2) The spawns are known as Playerstart, the spawns are by default for red team (team 0) for blue team you need to edit it again and change team to 1 via properties

    3) Doors are bad, don't use them.

    4) Go to View>Level properties>LevelInfo , there you see Author, Ideal players etc...

    5) Best way to find out is by playing the map yourself you can open other maps and see what their size is.

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    you have to place a player start on the map and, change the actors properties by right clicking it, select the "player start" drop down, and change the teamnumber to 0=red or 1=blue.

    click on the view menu on top of unrealed, select level properties, then click the "level info" drop down , and you will see author at the top of the drop down, that where you put your name.

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    if you want to make a curved door you first have to make the mesh of the door ( the template ) there are many ways to do this, but I look at it like a sculpture create a block about the size you want your door to be and subtract from it using other meshes until you have the look you want ( this takes time but is a necessary skill if you want to create amazing things in UnrealED ) remember UnrealED is your chance to create things that nobody could ever imagine, to me it is art.

    After you have your template make a mesh that is bigger than your template and intersect it i'm sure you know the rest

    best of luck with your art.

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