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Thread: Christmas Story

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    Christmas Story

    Some of you that know me I don't really celebrate Christmas (Though I'll take a gift if you wanna give me sth :P), I don't need a holiday to be happy and for the "Christian side" Jesus was probably born in September not December (And most people don't like Jesus that celebrate Christmas but say you aren't good if you don't celebrate it as Christ's birth), but that aside to the Christians that do celebrate it well, I'm not up to arguing (but if you wish I'll do so :P). :P... I hope you're Blessed!
    However I see problems with Canceling Church when it's suppose to be a "Celebration" of the Saviour's birth, he's SUPPOSED to be the center of attention always and if you are celebrating HIM you don't Cancel the gathering of the saints of God.. But anyway I'll rant to people who want to hear it at a later date.

    My reason for this post is for this; I put together The Christmas Story from the bible for anyone who is curious about what Christians believe about Christ's birth, and those who are Christians that would like to have the events in order. In English I have the events in Audio files from my audio bible I listen to, and a PDF of the scriptures and where they are, and in Spanish it's only a PDF file.

    This isn't a push of religion before I'm accused of that again, it's just if you are interested, nothing more, if not move along and forget you read this post.

    I hope you read it, if not, well that's fine, I'm not your mommy. :P

    English/Ingles (Link)
    Spanish/Espanol (Link)

    Thank you for the view.

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

    Edit: I put verse 25 in Luke 1, I meant to start at 26. sorry :S

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