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    Tron girl and $sniper

    First of all as you can see in the first screenshot I am blue and $niper is red.

    [R]^</3 Removed two of tron_girl's Containers so in retaliation tron_girl removed the entire backend of blues base. Though some were just random containers, the entire back end of the base didn't have to go.

    Shortly after taking my screenshots I get kicked by kickidlers and end up going into spec waiting for a slot. The first slot being open happend to be my original team (blue).

    $niper a while later (5-10 minutes) throws a fit and decides to take advantage of the fact that I had most recently returned to the game and switches to blue to force me to red.

    Not wanting to further confuse and upset players who somehow got the idea I was the one messing around? I stuck with red till the end.

    People take for granted too many aspects in life; somebody is paying for this server out of their own pocket keeping this game we all enjoy alive. Think about that and the fact that somebody else like you is just trying to relax after stressfull day before you get pissed off and screw them over.

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    Removed containers again, permabanned.

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    in your heart ❤
    lol you put a super minees with containers in the spawn? that is not a ban too?

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