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    Blaze is God! Let's all beg for mercy asap ! :))

    00.59 <RSA|B|aZe> if i want to ban someone
    00.59 <RSA|B|aZe> il do it
    00.59 <K`> he just REC'd the wrong person
    00.59 <CoD|MoskvaCarChaser> banana si
    00.59 <Svelty`> xD
    00.59 <RSA|B|aZe> k
    00.59 <oh`> banana ke gay
    00.59 <CoD|t3rminator> Nice blaze, u're God! )
    00.59 <RSA|B|aZe> later termi
    00.59 <oh`> -
    00.59 <CoD|t3rminator> Later
    00.59 <CoD|t3rminator>
    00.59 <K`> consequences will never be the same
    00.59 * RSA|B|aZe sets mode: +b *!*
    00.59 * You were kicked by RSA|B|aZe (CoD|t3rminator)
    00.59 * Attempting to rejoin channel #mlsg
    00.59 * Unable to join channel (address is banned)

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    blaze ftw !

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    ‹00.59› <CoD|MoskvaCarChaser> banana si
    Season ranks: MLSG - #45 Semis, MLSG II - #38 Finals, MLSG III - #34 Finals, GU.Siege - #32 5th Place, IST - #11 CHAMPION

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    Being/playing God in virtual world! Let it be... let it be

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    wheres the rest of the convo before it termi or are you trying to make yourself look good yet again?

    cmon if you are such a good guy post the whole convo instead of just posting the part where i removed you from the channel for your own good and to end the conversation where it was

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    ‹00.40› <CoD|t3rminator> Fuck u blaze why can't i record?
    ‹00.40› <CoD|t3rminator> .join
    ‹00.45› <CoD|t3rminator> Why i see cube, kenneth and rest of the recording crew playing still
    ‹00.45› <CoD|t3rminator> and using ts
    ‹00.47› * RSA|B|aZe has joined #mlsg
    ‹00.47› * ChanServ sets mode: +o RSA|B|aZe
    ‹00.47› <ChanServ> [RSA|B|aZe] [22:04] <+Jadey_Babey> I Rape Blaze Everyday :>
    ‹00.47› <RSA|B|aZe> .join
    ‹00.47› <RSA|B|aZe> have fun being permanently banned termi
    ‹00.47› <RSA|B|aZe>
    ‹00.48› <K`> <00:38:51>"t3rmi" was banned permanently from the server by "l?Ž//."
    ‹00.48› <K`> rofl
    ‹00.48› <RSA|B|aZe> the way your carrying on
    ‹00.48› <kenneth> lol why+?
    ‹00.48› <RSA|B|aZe> il ban you from all the servers too
    ‹00.48› <K`> he was recording
    ‹00.48› <RSA|B|aZe> just a warning
    ‹00.48› <kenneth> recording what?
    ‹00.48› <kenneth> ts

    ‹00.49› <CoD|t3rminator> Go ahead
    ‹00.49› <CoD|t3rminator> lemme see that 8)
    ‹00.49› <RSA|B|aZe> rofl
    ‹00.49› <RSA|B|aZe> dont test me
    ‹00.49› <CoD|t3rminator> permanently
    ‹00.49› <CoD|t3rminator> pls
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> ive gotten rid of worser people
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> wont think twice about banning you
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> even if it meant i was kicked out of cod
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> id actually celebrate if i was
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> for once.
    ‹00.50› <CoD|t3rminator> I don't care this has nothing to do with CoD
    ‹00.50› <CoD|t3rminator> i just wanna see myself permabanned from siege
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> no but i know what the consequences would be
    ‹00.50› <RSA|B|aZe> and i really couldnt give a shit
    ‹00.50› <CoD|t3rminator> there won't be any.. CoD has nothing to do with this
    ‹00.51› <[SiN]Dewsick-`> CoD|t3rminator i don't think he cares
    ‹00.51› <RSA|B|aZe> you have more to lose then me just remember whos in control
    ‹00.51› <RSA|B|aZe>
    ‹00.51› <oh`> .promote
    ‹00.51› <K`> recording ppl is gay
    ‹00.51› <K`> i agree
    ‹00.51› <CoD|t3rminator> i got nothing to lose
    ‹00.51› <RSA|B|aZe> cool
    ‹00.51› <CoD|t3rminator> UT ain't my life
    ‹00.51› <RSA|B|aZe> perm ban incomiong then
    ‹00.51› <[SiN]Dewsick-`> this is best channels ever
    ‹00.51› <CoD|t3rminator> k )
    ‹00.51› <Diablo> lol
    ‹00.51› <CoD|t3rminator> curious )))
    ‹00.52› <CoD|t3rminator> The same goes with TS.. AS i can see Cube and kenneth are banned for recording
    ‹00.52› <CoD|t3rminator> GG!
    ‹00.52› <CoD|t3rminator> ^^
    ‹00.52› <kenneth> huh?
    ‹00.52› <kenneth> rofl
    ‹00.52› <K`> cube had the same consequences when he didi it lol
    ‹00.52› <K`> he got permaban then he unbanned him
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> like i said
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> if you dont like it
    ‹00.53› <K`> still banned there?
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> pay for your own servers
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> and play on it
    ‹00.53› <CoD|t3rminator> I play on free servers not willing to pay
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> exactly
    ‹00.53› <CoD|t3rminator> if server forbids me to play there
    ‹00.53› <CoD|t3rminator> i won't
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> so dont complain when you abuse it.
    ‹00.53› <CoD|t3rminator> until i'm allowed i will
    ‹00.53› <CoD|t3rminator> i don't abuse nothing
    ‹00.53› <RSA|B|aZe> oh really
    ‹00.54› <CoD|t3rminator> haven't broke any of the rule
    ‹00.54› <CoD|t3rminator> since i'm playing
    ‹00.54› <RSA|B|aZe> ahaha
    ‹00.54› <CoD|t3rminator> if it was for a reason
    ‹00.54› <CoD|t3rminator> i would
    ‹00.54› <RSA|B|aZe> yes because provoking the person who pays for the servers you play for "free" on really helps
    ‹00.54› <RSA|B|aZe> dumbass
    ‹00.54› <CoD|t3rminator> but since it was cuz someone was pissed of losing, then i find it ridiculous
    ‹00.54› <RSA|B|aZe> wasnt losing
    ‹00.54› <CoD|t3rminator> provoking, sure
    ‹00.54› <RSA|B|aZe> in case you didnt notice
    ‹00.54› <RSA|B|aZe> we were leading all game.
    ‹00.55› <RSA|B|aZe> and yet moskva and grim decided to play like tards
    ‹00.55› <RSA|B|aZe> and i spoke my mind
    ‹00.55› <RSA|B|aZe> which i didnt need?
    ‹00.55› <CoD|t3rminator> so if u are right why did u found my recording a provocation
    ‹00.55› <CoD|t3rminator> if u said what they deserved to hear
    ‹00.55› <RSA|B|aZe> why record it though
    ‹00.55› <`GrimReaper> I DIDNT PLAY LIKE RETARD
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> because you wanna look "good"
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> so cool bro.
    ‹00.56› <CoD|t3rminator> since i found it interesting and funny
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> really fucking cool.
    ‹00.56› <CoD|t3rminator> i look good already 8)
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> yes
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> because your such a dick.
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> in mokos eyes you may be an angel
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> not in anyone elses
    ‹00.56› <RSA|B|aZe> trust me on that.
    ‹00.56› <CoD|t3rminator> i am not even trying to show myself in that light
    ‹00.56› <CoD|t3rminator> why bothering?
    ‹00.57› <RSA|B|aZe> rofl yes so that justifies you to make recordings
    ‹00.57› <RSA|B|aZe> jesus your dumber then fucking kenneth
    ‹00.57› <CoD|t3rminator> not to make myself cool
    ‹00.57› <CoD|t3rminator> rofl
    ‹00.57› <CoD|t3rminator> why would it make me looks cool
    ‹00.57› <CoD|t3rminator> seriously , LOL
    ‹00.57› <RSA|B|aZe> im cool
    ‹00.58› <RSA|B|aZe> morons cant use their brain
    ‹00.58› <RSA|B|aZe> which is understandable
    ‹00.58› <RSA|B|aZe> dumb as fucking bricks.
    ‹00.58› <CoD|t3rminator> gg
    ‹00.58› <`GrimReaper> WHY U CRYING BLAZE
    ‹00.58› <`GrimReaper> WHY U STRESSING
    ‹00.58› <`GrimReaper> WE WON
    ‹00.58› <RSA|B|aZe> whos crying?
    ‹00.58› <`GrimReaper> WE RAPED THEM
    ‹00.58› <CoD|MoskvaCarChaser> jaja pajaroro
    ‹00.58› <`GrimReaper> WTF?
    ‹00.58› <`GrimReaper> NOTHING WRONG
    ‹00.58› <RSA|B|aZe> im telling termi why hes banned
    ‹00.58› <CoD|t3rminator> for recording
    ‹00.58› <RSA|B|aZe> and hes deciding to look cool
    ‹00.58› <CoD|t3rminator> LOLOLOL
    ‹00.58› <CoD|t3rminator> wow i have a record i'm so cool
    ‹00.58› <CoD|t3rminator> rofl
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> na i wont give him the satisfaction
    ‹00.59› <kenneth> so recording is banned now? cool story
    ‹00.59› <K`> rofl
    ‹00.59› <CoD|MoskvaCarChaser> ajaja
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> nice logic and brain kenneth
    ‹00.59› <CoD|t3rminator> 00.59› <kenneth> so recording is banned now? cool story
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> i didnt say it was banned
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> so dont put words in my mouth.
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> if i want to ban someone
    ‹00.59› <CoD|t3rminator> i was trying to look cool! that is bannable 8)
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> il do it
    ‹00.59› <K`> he just REC'd the wrong person
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> k
    ‹00.59› <CoD|t3rminator> Nice blaze, u're God! )
    ‹00.59› <RSA|B|aZe> later termi
    ‹00.59› <CoD|t3rminator> Later
    ‹00.59› <CoD|t3rminator>
    ‹00.59› * RSA|B|aZe sets mode: +b *!*
    ‹00.59› * You were kicked by RSA|B|aZe (CoD|t3rminator)
    ‹00.59› * Attempting to rejoin channel #mlsg
    ‹00.59› * Unable to join channel (address is banned)
    ‹00.59› -ABot- You left the pug on #mlsg.

    Yeah, imma badass! I am dumb, but i brought my arguments which are standing on a PLACE! ; ) Reason why i was banned was obviously recording! If all the things u've said to your teammates were for a reason, then why did you found that recording as provoking? Haven't your team found all the things u've said as provoking as well? Also, why would i try to make myself look cool? And by recording a TS conversation. Get real. I don't give a f*** if someone will remember me for a TS recording. If was doing it for my own pleasure and not for anyone else here. I'm not trying to impress anyone here, why would I ? Time when i was doing so passed long time ago!
    I am not crying for that ban. I don't actually care that much for the thing that i was banned, but if i am, i would like everyone else to be banned for the same reason next time when spotted (that means for a TS recording). ... Well... i know that u won't do it, anyway. I hope u enjoyed banning me! If i made someone(you) happy for that, then i am glad!
    I am just wondering, if u're acting so strong , why are you showing such a weakness on server/irc/TS? Confirm your admin status by learning to respect and controlling yourself, not by claiming that u're owner of the server ; )
    Last edited by terminator; 12-20-2011 at 09:18 AM.

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    What did you do to tick Blaze of Mjesec? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moko View Post
    What did you do to tick Blaze of Mjesec? lol
    Check my post ^^

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    grim ftw.

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