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    Cant log in on servers.

    Hello All, I'm a member of the =COM=Sniperclan. Last week my computer crashed, so I installed every thing including UT99. Before the crash I was able to play on every server with the ACE protection tool on it. But after the install I can't. Giving me always the same error: ACEc08g : unknown file UnrealShare.u, please reinstall the original file and come back , all patches can be found on

    I looked around on the WWW and found a treat about it on the UnrealAdmin pages with a link to your site.
    Unfortialy the link doesn't work anymore, maybe someone on the forum can help me out.

    Already thanks..... =COM=Wodan

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    hi, maybe u find something here:

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    try cleaning ur cache and reinstall ut again and try this link download the ace files and load it in the ut might help.But if it doesnt work after that then ask blaze to give ace files it will help.
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    Be sure to have patched the game to version 436 or 451
    utpatch436nodelta.exe | downloads

    Overwrite your unrealshare.u with this unrealshare.u

    Tell us if it works!

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    arekus links should work try them

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    Thanks guy's problem solved.

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