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    Killing Spree Noob Crossing's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    what i did now.............remove ban

    remove ban koezoe

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    Dominating Diablo's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    1st. Look at these pics,that will remind u of something.

    2nd. This is not the first time that u are doing this.
    3rd. I updated the ban to 200 matches cuz u were insulting.

    To cut the story short,u entered the game and u were losing so u went spec.After a while u entered again and still u were losing so u quit.And after that u came back to the winning team. Now give me 1 good reason why i shouldnt ban u? Go do something else in the meantime.

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    Killing Spree Noob Crossing's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    ok for insult
    i didnt go spec and play for winning team
    if ya think that the insult for you........

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    Jan 2011
    Diablo posted why you are banned. It's valid so it won't be reviewed.

    The server is too popular without having people causing trouble. Next time please be more considerate towards people and their enjoyment and also be considerate towards yourself and the fact that it's possible you might be banned for doing things you know you aren't supposed to.


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    London, United Kingdom
    i dont see how you can say you werent trying to be on the winning team when you purposefully joined and left the server to spec 3 times in ONE game and then when ana called you out on it you just laughed left for a few minutes then came back in?

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    Killing Spree Noob Crossing's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    what i thinking was who do think you are ana
    i just came back in vieuw minits later

    not for the winning team .....ana was losing.....

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