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    Siege Server Rules (Recommended Bans)


    This community follows the principles of Good Sportsmanship!

    Sportsmanship is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

    1 Do not bully, harass or verbally abuse people on the servers or forum. There is a fine line between harmless sarcasm and bullying. If you don’t know the difference, skip it all together. If you have an issue with somebody, feel free to ask an admin or moderator for help anytime.

    2 No camping for prolonged times in the same area, including trophy style mid spawn collecting.

    3 No cheating which includes the use of cheats, bots and spec / TS cheating.

    4 No laming like tele placed in the supplier, tele into lava, piston camping or team-killing.

    5 No repeat idling or being AFK for prolonged times.

    6 No personalized racism.

    7 No main supplier spamming. Only one shot at main supplier for each life allowed. Excluded are secondary suppliers.

    8 No boosting unless asked for by player.

    9 No team stacking. No teaming in 3 or 4 ways maps.

    10 No teams switching unless every player agrees. This includes !s !t !p, repeat !r or !b and going to spec and re-joining in other team.

    11 No removing of any player's buildings unless they agree to have their buildings removed.

    12 No rage leech building. Don’t drop useless buildings all over the map.

    13 No using of engine exploits like pulsing through walls, bouncing and bunny hopping.

    14 No taking advantage of map exploits unless they are present on both sides.

    15 No building through walls except teles.

    16 No shooting through windows, glasses or walls.

    17 No use of blank name or clan tag without permission.

    18 No kick vote abuse that leads to kick without reason.

    19 No continuously spam taunting. If others complain, it's too much.

    $20 No platforms on map based teles or teles from team mates. Platforms on player made teles from competing teams are allowed.


    1 No leech games with over 6 players unless majority agrees to continue.

    2 You may end a leech game with over 6 players unless majority agrees to continue.

    3 Do not destroy leeches or end a leech game unless the match is in overtime or the majority agrees to end.


    Siege Pug RULES

    All enforcement like warnings, kicks and bans are determined by the Admin or Mod at the time of the incident based on the current set of rules and the players history.
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