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Thread: MLSG Rules

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    MLSG Rules

    1. Tournament Rules
    These are the official rules for Major Leage Siege II (MLSG II). These rules will NOT be changed. In the event that a loophole or poor foresight severely threatens the integrity of the league, the admins may modify these rules, upon majority vote, for the benefit of this AND future tournaments. Any major rule change will be announced here and on the UnrealKillers forums and will be up for discussion. If you are a captain or would like to be a captain, take the time to know the rules. Rules will be strictly enforced.

    Note that if a player is found severely abusing the tournament, regardless if its covered in the rules, said player could be removed from the tournament upon majority admin vote.

    1.1 Tournament Format
    MLSG II will be a season format where each team will play every other team once and feature a single-elimination playoff bracket. Matches will take place on set dates. Each team will be randomly given a match time. Refer to section 2.5 of the rules for more on Match Scheduling.

    Each match consists of two maps and no tiebreaker. Teams will be awarded 3 points for each map win, 1 point for each map loss and 0 points for each map forfeit. The 4 teams with the most points at the end of the regular season in the division will advance to the semi-final playoffs. In the event of a tie, the team who has recorded the most match wins (not map wins) will advance. Should both teams have an equal number of match wins, the team that won the head-to-head matchup between both teams will advance. If the teams had split, the team with the better Core Health ratio in the head to head matchup will advance. If one of the teams had forfeited a map during the head to head, it will be considered a 100-0 loss for the purposes of calculating Core Health differential. If the teams are still tied in Core Health ratio in their head to head matchup, the team with the better Core Health ratio overall will advance. If still tied, the team with the least number of forfeit losses will advance. If both teams have an equal number of forfeit losses, they will play a one map tiebreaker on a map determined by the admins.

    *** Team sizes – 6 Teams

    2. Match Rules

    2.1 Servers
    The admins are responsible for having at least one MLSG sanctioned server available for each match that meets the Server Settings requirements (see next section). PM your match admin 10 minutes before match time if you have a server preference and the admin will try to accommodate your request. If the server is NOT MLSG approved, but is setup correctly, (mapvote, anticheat, etc.) it will be allowed only if both captains AND the match admin agree.

    MLSG servers must be approved by MLSG Admins. All server passwords and information must be disclosed to admins for fair and efficient play on-season and during the off season in #mlsg or xfire or msn.

    Approved MLSG Servers:

    zp| -=[SIEGE]=- |uK| The Morning After -=[SIEGE]=- Server [ unreal:// ]

    TS3 Server
    Teams are only allowed to use the official Major League Siege TeamSpeak 3 server for match time play. No other TS3 server will be granted permission of use for matches. All of your players/team must be connected to, and using the official TS3 server during match time, or risk forfiet of the match in question.

    TS3 Server :

    2.2 Map Selection
    Each round of the regular season will consist of 2 maps selected from a predetermined map list (see next section). Each team will select 1 map from the list for that round and disclose their selection to the match admin 30 minutes before match time. Once the match admin has announced each team's map selection, neither team may change their map choice. The one exception to this is if both teams pick the same map. Should this happen, the admin will allow both teams to resubmit their map selection. If both teams decide not to change their map selection, that map will be played twice. However, if both teams change their map pick but end up picking the same map once again, the map that was selected by both teams initially will be the first map played and the map that was selected by both teams the second time will be the second map played for the match. You may not choose the same map twice during the regular season.

    The semi-final playoffs will be a best of 3 maps with each team choosing 1 map each from the entire maplist. The higher seeded team will play their map selection first and then third.

    The final round of the playoffs will be a best of 3 maps with each team choosing 1 map from the entire maplist. The teams will play the higher seeded team's map selection first.

    2.3 Tiebreaker Selection

    Beginning with the higher seeded team, each team will take turns discarding maps from a pool of eligible maps until only one map remains. The pool of eligible maps will consist of all maps that neither team has picked so far in the playoffs* (tiebreaker maps from previous rounds will be included in the pool).

    * All maps are reset at the beginning of the finals match

    2.4 Colour Choice
    During all matches, the team that has not chosen the map to be played is allowed to choose color. During the playoffs, the choice of color for the tiebreaker maps is granted to the lower seeded team.

    Reb's Tip: Why does this matter? - Colour choice can affect a team with ping, sight, etc.

    2.5 Match Scheduling
    All matches are confirmed by the MLSG admins and times will be posted on both the UnrealKillers and Prounreal websites. If a team cannot field an adequate lineup (5 legal players) at match time, they will be subject to a forfeit loss or if the other team agrees to play with the team with amount of players they can field. The specific rules for a forfeit loss due to a lack of players are enumerated under section 2.5a.

    MLSG Admins do not pick schedules, all teams are placed into a randomization tool and scheduled based on random chance. It is the captains duty from each team to arrange a match day in the 1 week window given for the match to take place, it would be advised that captains and co-captains check the forums daily to prevent any forfeits and for information purposes.

    2.5a Forfiet Loss
    If a team cannot field a team of 5 players 15 minutes after the designated start match time or arrival of an admin, whichever is later, then that team will receive a forfeit loss for both maps. If neither team can field 5 players, both teams will receive forfeit losses for both maps. In the event that a team cannot field 5 players 10 minutes after the completion of a map, then that team will receive a forfeit loss for that map. It is possible for both teams to receive a forfeit loss if neither team is ready.

    Also to be taken into consideration will be that each team must have a minimum of 8 players on there roster before each game, if a minimum of 8 players in the player roster for each game isn't upheld the resulting team will be penalized with a forfeit loss for one map per game.

    2.5b Rescheduling
    A team may reschedule ONE MATCH during the entire regular season, and ONE MATCH during the playoffs if needed. The captain must work it out with the opposing captain and notify admins for approval. Reschedules MUST occur BEFORE the day that the next round begins (whether you play on that day or not). Reschedules should not occur at the same time as another non-rescheduled match. There is also no guarantee that an admin will be present at a rescheduled match. If you fail to reschedule accordingly, forfeits will be handed out as outlined in the forfeit rules listed above.

    2.6 Connections
    All connections are accepted and legal, with one exception. A person cannot be on a LAN (local-area network) with the server. Any players found to be in violation of this rule will be suspended from Tournament play and forfeit the maps where this occurred.

    Reb's Tip : Why does this matter? - LAN connections give a unfair advantage to the said player.

    2.7 Server Crash
    In the event that the game server crashes during a match in normal play (50 Minutes), the team with the higher Core Health which has to be greater than 10 to the opposing teams Core Health will win. If this is not the case then the map will be replayed (full 50 Minutes) if the game was going for less than 30 minutes, else the team with the higher Core Health to the opposing teams Core Health will win. If the score was tied prior to the crash then the map will be restarted. If the match crashes in OVERTIME then the team with the higher Core Health to the opposing teams Core Health will win.

    2.8 Server Settings
    All servers will be hosted and selected by MLSG unless both teams captains and the admin present agree to play on another server that isnt approved by admins.

    It is the responsibility of all participants, admins, captains, and players to ensure that all the settings are correct prior to starting the match. Once both teams have clicked in they have agreed to the current settings and no map can be replayed due to settings that are in conflict with those on the rules page. If serious errors are missed the admin staff will make a ruling based on a case by case scenario. Now that the ACE anti-cheat protection has come out, servers are required to have the LATEST ACE anti-cheat version installed.

    3. Team Rules

    3.1 Captain Responsibilities

    Captains will be selected from a list of applicants by the admins. Captains will be required to:

    a) Name their team.
    b) Draft a competitive team.
    c) Assign a co-captain.
    d) Maintain the team's roster.
    e) Make team decisions, such as lineup, map, colour and server.
    f) Remind your teammates to record demos of official MLSG II matches.
    g) Take screen shots (F1 and F3) of their matches and provide them to the admins if admins did not do so themselves.
    h) Collect evidence and provide it to the MLSG II admins when accusing another team of breaking the rules.
    i) Make sure their players/team are on the sanctioned ts3 server - - during match time.

    In the absence of the official captain, the co-captain will act as the captain. In the absence of both the captain and the co-captain, the available player with the highest salary will act as captain (can be admin overridden).

    3.2 Captain Replacement
    Should a team be unhappy with their team captain, they may hold a team vote of no-confidence to remove him. If 5 or more players on a team agree to the removal of a captain, the captain will be removed from the league. The co-captain or player with the highest salary on the team will then become captain, or he may promote another player to the role of captain/co-captain (can be admin overridden).

    Should a captain not take his or her duties seriously, he may be removed from his position as captain by the Tournament and may face suspension.

    3.3 Team Creation
    Each team will consist of 8 players. They will be acquired through a draft process on IRC using a bot. The draft order will be determined each round by the team's overall salary up to that point in the draft. The team with the lowest overall salary will draft first each round. Each team will have a salary cap that they cannot exceed, but they also must maintain a roster of 8 players at all times.

    If a team drops below 8 players for any reason, the spot(s) on the roster MUST be filled to bring the team back up to 8, even if it requires dropping additional players to free up salary.

    3.4 Player Salaries

    All MLSG II players will be listed with a corresponding salary based on their skill ranking.

    3.5 Transactions (i.e Trade)
    Captains and assistant captains can choose to add and drop players from their roster at anytime by informing an MLSG admin AND by posting in the designated trade thread so that your request is timestamped. Teams must remain under the salary cap and also must maintain a 8 player roster at all times. If a team drops below 8 players for any reason the spot(s) on the roster MUST be filled to bring the team back up to 8, even if it requires dropping additional players to free up salary.

    Teams will be locked and unable to make transactions after or during the official start time of their match, and will remain locked until the match is over. Teams will be unlocked following the match, unless they were eliminated from the tournament, or have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Team rosters will be locked 2 days before playoffs start.

    Reb's Tip: Why is trading useful? Peoples skills are not fine-tuned. Trading allows you to fine-tune your team to make the most chance at winning! Make sure you review the salary!

    3.5a Trade Limitations
    Captains will be limited to 4 moves per week (this includes adding people from free agency and trading without teams).

    A week is defined from Friday to the next Friday

    A move is defined by one player traded for another.
    ex: Reb for Blaze = 1 trade

    ex: Reb for Blaze, Moskva for Shiva, Moskva for Osyris = 3 trades (or moves)

    3.6 Player Holdout
    If a player feels he is being treated unfairly, he may present his case to the admins and we will contact both him and his captain to resolve the dispute. Should an inquiry find that the captain is at fault, the player will be returned to the free agent list at his current salary.

    The team can not reacquire that player and the spot on the roster MUST be filled to bring the team to 10, even if it requires dropping additional players to free up salary.

    Note that if a captain or co-captain removes themselves from their roster, they will be removed from the league and possibly future leagues.

    3.7 Player Inactivity and Insubordination

    If a player misses 2 consecutive matches, a team can drop that player and contact an admin concerning an inactivity drop. The player may be exchanged for a player of that captain's choosing from the FA pool. This player is now inaccessible for any trade transactions. If the inactive player returns later in the season before the roster lock date, the player's original team gets first choice as to whether or not they'd like to re-add that player to their roster.

    If a player is found to be not showing or refusing to play for a certain team due to their dislike of the team or its captain, then that player may be removed from the league entirely per captain request and legitimate evidence against that player. Everyone is drafted to unexpected teams at times. The draft process is meant to make the tournament as balanced and interesting as possible, not to stack teams. If you will only play for certain players or captains, then do everyone a favor and simply do not sign up.

    3.8 Multiple Teams
    No player may play for any team other than the one they are listed under the UnrealKillers/MLSG website. Any player caught breaking this rule will be removed from MLSG. Captains who attempt to violate this rule will be removed from the tournament and have any maps played with the violating player forfeited to the opposing team.

    4. Game Rules

    4.1 Cheats
    All hacks, bots, radars and cheats are illegal. This includes any kind of automated aiming bot, a trigger bot, any form of radar, server-crashing bugs and tools, using packet loss and latency inducing tools, HUD timers, and anything in that same vein or spirit. Please use your brain. All violations will result in an PERMANENT EXPULSION for the offending player from MLSG and all MLSG related events. It will also result in a forfeit loss of the match in question for the offending team.

    In addition, players can be convicted of the above without being caught by server cheat protection. Admins reserve the right to take into account all evidence regarding the said player, including but not limited to: demos, screenshots and server logs.

    MLSG Watchlist
    Pending admin approval, all players previously caught or removed for any of the above reasons will be considered for the league one year after their incident.
    If considered for the league, these players will be placed on the MLSG Watchlist. These players will be required to submit their demo after every sanctioned match. Failure to do so will result in consequences for the player and team. Captains will be notified if a watch list player is on their team. Players on the watch list will be subject to increased scrutiny by the league admins by nature.

    4.1a Skins
    Players may not use any skins other than those included in a default installation of Unreal Tournament, and may not alter the appearance of any of these skins by any means.

    4.1b Spectators
    Should any players be spectating a game without the consent of an administrator, they risk a possible suspension from tournament play. Should they be a member of a team playing in that match, the offending team will receive a forfeit loss for the map in question.

    4.1c MultiGunning / Camping
    MultiGunning / Camping / Supplier Spamming are illegal and any player found doing them will forfeit the map for their team.Camping is highly discouraged. While it is not a BANNABLE offense. Penalties to the said player will be applied if excessive or intentional.


    -Shooting from any vantage position at enemy players where the said player is not likely to be seen or a shot is not likely to be returned by the enemy player.
    -Leeching/Shooting at a building from any vantage position is permitted.

    -A defender excessively defending from any vantage point will be considered to be camping.
    -A defender must be defending from a position of which they can be engaged.

    If a defender is not following the above or there is a complaint during a match, the above can be challenged and deemed by an admin.

    -An attacker excessively camping/dming from any vantage point where they are shooting at enemy players without being engaged themselves will be considered to be camping.

    If an attacker is not following the above or there is a complaint during a match, the above can be challenged and deemed by an admin. Should there be a case where a player/team was camping excessively, demos will be used to penalise the offending player/team.

    Supplier Spamming:
    -Excessive Supplier Spamming will not be tolerated, this is not the way we want the game to be played. Attack the core if you can, or focus your attacks on other parts of their defenses. If the player in question is warned and still ignores this rule, he will be removed from the match. A substitution is allowed if required.

    Just remember we are all here to enjoy ourselves while having a competitive game of siege, not baby sit a bunch of bawling kids.

    4.1d Demos
    Every player must record a first-person demo of each map he plays and keep this demo for 1 week after the match. If a player joins the server after the start of a map, it is his responsibility to ensure that he starts recording a demo before commencing play.

    If foul play is suspected in a match, a player must submit an inquiry directly to an admin. An accusation MUST be made before 11:59pm EST the day AFTER the match, or it will not be considered. The player making the accusation of foul-play, must submit his/her own demo to the admins, along with an explanation of the accusation, which player is in question, and the location in the demo of suspicious play. If the accusing player cannot supply their own demo, the inquiry will be dropped. If review of the accuser's demo reveals no suspicion of foul-play, the inquiry will be dropped. The admins will inspect the accuser's demo, and if there is the possibility of foul-play, the admins will request and then review the demo from the player in question.

    Each team can request a maximum of 1 demo per map of the opposing team. If the first demo is shown to have suspicious activity agreed upon by a majority vote by the admins (excluding those participating in the match in question), then a second demo may be requested, etc.

    Should the player or players in question be unable or unwilling to fulfill the admin staff's demo request promptly, the following punitive structure will be followed:

    1st Offense: The map(s) in question will be forfeited to the opposing team and the player(s) in question will be officially warned.

    2nd Offense: The map(s) in question will be forfeited to the opposing team and the player(s) in question will be suspended for 1 official match.

    3rd Offense: The map(s) in question will be forfeited to the opposing team and the player(s) in question will be removed from the season.

    4.1e Map Bugs or Game Engine Bugs
    Any type of bug i.e. bunnyhopping, multigunning, building bugging is disallowed and will result in a ban for the offender. The abuse of map bugs is also disallowed (abuse of the ZeroPing hidden-hitarea bug is also disallowed).

    Clear examples:

    -Building a teleporter inside a container/super container is not allowed.
    -Building rocket cannons through walls is not allowed.
    -Using the translocator to go through buildings is not allowed.
    -Using the pulsegun to shoot through floors/walls is not allowed.
    -Bouncing is not allowed. If you bounce accidentally you should suicide directly, failing to do so will lead to disqualification. It is up to the admins to judge the foul-play.
    -ONLY teleporters are allowed to be built through walls.

    Any player found abusing said bugs will be penalised by a map forfeit against the offending players' team.

    4.1f Overtime
    If the maps are tied at the end of the regular time limit of 50 minutes there will be an additional 10 minutes of overtime. If both teams are still tied after these additional 10 minutes, the first team to bring down the other team's basecore by 10 points wins.

    4.2 Server Admin
    If a player logs in as a server administrator prior to a match, the player must logout when complete, and reconnect to the server. At no time may a player login as administrator during the match. Doing so will result in a forfeit loss for the map in question for the offending team, and a possible suspension for the offending player.

    4.3 Connection Fraud
    All connection fraud is illegal, including but not limited to, faking your ping or disturbing another's connection through any means. Any violations will result in a forfeit loss of the map in question for the offending team. The offending player will be suspended from play for the current season with the possibility of a longer ban.

    4.4 Taunts
    Excessive use of text taunts is illegal. Using taunts bound to movement keys, firing keys, weapon switch keys, or any other frequently used bind in the game is illegal. First violations will result in a warning. ANY Repeated offense will result in the player being removed from the player list for the current season.

    5. Administration

    5.1 Administrative Powers
    All MLSG admins have the power to make any changes to information on the MLSG sub-forum with a vote. Should a captain or player notice any mistakes, he or she may contact an admin to make any changes. Should a captain, player or other admin feel that an admin is abusing their power, he or she may file a grievance with the MLSG head admin. The MLSG administration will then look into this claim.

    5.1a Tolerance/ Admin Harrasement
    Admins have the right to suspend players due to failure to cooperate, verbal harassment, and purposely inconveniencing any admin. Admins are using their free time to run the tournament and should be treated with respect.

    Suspensions will be handed out as follows:
    - First suspension will be for one map
    - Second suspension will be for one match
    - Third suspension will be for one week

    If a problem arises with your match admin, take it up with another admin and/or the head admin.

    5.2 Conflict Resolution
    Any major problems will be resolved by an admin vote. Admins can choose not to vote if they so please. In the hopes of keeping things moving, all open votes have a 24 hour window in which admins can place their vote. There may, however, be exceptions to this 24 hour window, should the vote be for something that does not require immediate resolution.

    5.3 Conflict of Interest
    Admins are not allowed to vote on any issues that involve a team that they are a member of. They may provide feedback and their input, but their vote will not count in determining the final outcome.

    5.4 Sportsmanship
    Any player using racial slurs or insulting remarks toward another team or player while in an official match will be removed from the match. Any repeated offenses will result in the player being removed from the player list for the current season.

    Please be nice and thoughtful to your fellow league teams and players. We are all in this for fun and competitive play, being a better player does NOT give you the right to belittle others.

    Many thanks to Spydee for the player draft bot and Rebellion for this template as well as helping us throughout the tournament.
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