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    Unhappy 200 Games Team Switching

    I don't like to whine but here it goes.
    I'll admit that I was trying to switch to a particular colour RED on the Siege server.
    This was because I'd reconnected to the map. Still got my ru and everything.
    I was already on RED but when I reconnected, I was put on blue. Tried only twice to go to RED.
    I little heavy handed 200 maps fleece, but I guess whatever if I'm not wanted I'll stay way. Obviously I haven't been making friends.
    Take it easy, see you in a week or whenever.

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    were the syrups freshh
    Chill out , Just because you got banned anoobis, does not in any terms mean we don't want you playing in any of our severs, not just Siege. You did break a rule I believe so just pay the little price, it is kinda heavy i do admit but , it goes by really fast.

    or let Fleece explain her reasoning .?

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    She banned you for 5 matches, I then changed it to 200 because you were moved by her yet you kept switching.
    Harsh? Don't think so, it will probably only last 2 or 3 days but since you came here and explained yourself I'll remove it.

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