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    DeadMan838 Camping in Bathrooms on counter.

    This guy made his own little spot on the counter (as they usually do). Complete with supplier, and 3 SP's and 3 Containers. (notice NO MINE on the tele -HA) I warned him and tried to talk to him... USA FLAG but no response... just kept squatting. I don't know why my SS is coming out so dark.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Don't post pictures with the password in it. (chis)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChanClan View Post
    Don't post pictures with the password in it. (chis)
    Chan c'mon....

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    Holy Shitake mushroom's !! did I do that... I need to stop drinking in the morning, and on days that end in the word DAY. OMG Plain as day, right there. wow, humble and sorry.
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