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    now its been played a few times and although i have had some great feedback in game i guess im curious as to what the general feedback is on the changes i made to that map.

    likes, dislikes...input etc.

    final feedback is if i should revamp other maps to a more up to date style?...feel free to list maps you would like to see me edit with a similar style, doesnt matter if i have to rebuild the map, im an advanced mapper/modder so can reproduce any map in existence.

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    tbh the bridge in the mid is kinda lame in original simplex there is no bridge so the players needed to swim to the other side or advanced players could just piston jump over the edge.. and the slime thats damaging you is also stupid imo
    and now lets start about the tunnels that are aside the bases where u can make emp easily or neutrons at the end of the map especially the neutrons.. with original simplex there were only a few spots where they could make neutrons and there was a chance it could get destroyed but with these tunnels there is no chance so ye the entire team can save up RU and at end of the map the entire team can enter that tunnel and make neutrons and win the game..
    only positive thing is actually the pit where the SB tele is at everything else..
    ye read it up here^

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