Ok, firstly I'd like to say its great to have someone looking after the IG server so well.. It's much better having a base/ community for it now. Kudos for that

Secondly, I'd like to propose some map rotation tweaking. Too often we regulars find that one minute we'd be playing say Dukucb3, we'd vote in Control as our next map.. Then everyone then decides to vote Dukucb6. Alright fair enough, I guess another Duku won't hurt. Then BAM! They vote Control_LE after that.. LOL, you can imagine some of the reactions to a few players

So, we could run this as a temporary trial, or simply weed out those annoying multiple maps altogether? Obviously depending on map type this can be debated.

So the following maps I'd suggest removing are as follows:

iCTF-Control (Keep Control_LE as it's a better version)

I believe they are the main culprits, I've also added a map or two that should just generally not exist in the vote list lol.
I did say all this is open to debate, it's only a suggestion. But would be nice to have some feedback from a few of our regulars please