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    here is mostro again asking or proposing useless things!!!

    would be a good idea that if you use "@" and an "m" it shows you all the existing users whose names begin with an "m" and if you use that option, the user who was named (in this case the glorious mostro) gets an email notification???

    like facebook and twitter...

    kisses for this lovely and banhammered community
    Dave Matthews Band...

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    I don't understand what you are asking

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    what i am trying to explain is

    if i post something on any thread and i write the name of another user, for instance 'terminator', then termi gets an email saying that his name was mentioned so he can go and check that thread, it could be useful if someone is asking for an unfair ban against you, etc. or asking for help or i don't know.

    forget the @ thing?
    Dave Matthews Band...

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