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    Some questions about the tournament...and stuff about camping

    Let me introduce myself first. I've been playing Unreal since the single player came out in 1998. Then onto UT as soon as it came out in 1999. Won some championships with C1 for a few years then quit in 2003. I was a member and co-founder of ISV-K for Unreal and member of The Chosen Ones for UT. I played on and off for a few more years then became a World of Warcraft addict from 2004 to 2008. I then went back to Unreal single player for a while and then back to UT late last year.

    I am also a moderator on the Prounreal forum and I have been trying to garner interest for Siege for a few months now. The problem is the egotistical bastids from Prounreal need to be smacked a bit from you guys before they get their dander up. Otherwise they wont bother. I know some of you guys are familiar with Prounreal and their players. MLIG for instance. The problem is the communities on Prounreal itself are already fractured between UT CTF/TDM(IG and reg weapons), UT2K4, and a smaller part of UT3.

    I believe, with some help from you guys, I could get quite a few people over here from Prounreal. I also believe that the system that's already in place for MLIG would be able to help you guys out too. It all depends on the MLIG guys I guess but I don't see why they wouldn't help out. They have the experience in setting up these tournaments that would be of great help to you all. My suggestion is to ask for help if needed.

    One thing about me, I have always aliased 8)
    My names have been scratchy, scoobysnax, itchy, Tony, Wolfgang, tiny, civie, Tooly and other naughty names I wont mention here.

    Ok on to CAMPING. This area is so undefined it's baffling. I see people camping all the time. Everywhere. In the middle on Blackriver, or the two tops with containers and protectors. On the top of their base, or on the ramp of Mcshitty. Camping is everywhere and there is no specific definition on what it exactly is.

    For example, about a week ago. I'm playing the middle hallway in Bathrooms. No where near my main base. JD goes ballistic on me and says he's going to ban me for camping the middle hallway. He said it was because we had a protector up near the middle of the map. Butcher disagreed and saved my ass. He said how could I be camping the middle. It's the middle. Protector or not. That's like saying you can't camp the 2 tops in the middle of the map in Blackriver, protectors or not. It made no sense to me. This is a BIG issue which really needs to be addressed before a tournament starts. (This in no way reflects anything bad about JD. He may have been in a pissed off mood. He usually is a fun guy to play with.)

    Look at it this way, if your team camps they can't hurt your core. They hardly get any RU. BUT you DO need defense. You DO need builders. You DO need someone to protect the base and make sure your constructs are not being destroyed. How do you do this and not be a camper? Someone HAS to make sure your base if safely maintained. Otherwise why bother building stuff if you are only going to let the other team destroy it?

    There are a few other things I would like to have an open discussion about. Especially the camping part. You guys have been a lot of fun to play with, cept Osyris who calls me a noob, then I pop his head off 5 times in a row

    Grimpeeper is a lot of fun too, and Mee. Jadey is a blast to play against and gets headshotted by my chainsaw. True story 8) Lots of all around fun with you guys. Lets make it better.

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    lol who are you??? im not remember call much players noob....go away

    Go Away....

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    Go away? Ok not a problem

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    were the syrups freshh
    haha Firstly Welcome to the cominity , looks like a long lost stranded UT player. If u really wanna start a huge discussion . Good luck ^^

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    Civie your the guy that made the two containers, protected and booster in the big bathrooms map. You know you can use impact hammer to get up there right. -.-
    A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.
    Winston Churchill

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    Well welcome to the forums ! and yeah i have seen u ingame, lets hope what u say about camping doesnt make trouble in the tournament.
    "Tactical Suicide!"

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    now That was a long post..
    My list of campers

    1. The normal camper.
    He will crouch thinking he wont be seen.

    2. The corner camper.
    Same as 1 but in a corner.

    3. The ninja camper.
    This camper will make use of the shadows to camouflage and not be seen while camping.

    4. The door camper.
    This camper will spam the door. (niven)

    5. The bug camper
    This camper will use zp bug to not be killed.

    6. The im not camping camper
    This camper will camp and will say he isnt camping.

    7. The smart camper
    This camper will say he was just leeching the buildings while he was really camping.

    8. The fast camper
    This camper will be so fast camping that you wont have time to see he was camping.

    9. The I dont even camper
    This camper will say he didnt know camping wasnt allowed.

    10. The first time camper
    This camper will say he only did it once so that doesnt count.

    11. The I camp because others do camper
    This camper excuse will be that the enemy team has 4 campers so he camps too.

    12. The minigun camper
    He will wait behind a super protector to kill people when they have 10 HP.

    13. The sniper sup camper
    He will wait for the players to get inside the supplier to make a MONSTER KILL with them.

    14. The sup spam camper.
    Same as 13 but with bio or rockets or any splash weapon.

    15. The core camper
    He will make a sup inside core room and standing in it will shoot nonstop the entrance of the room. (hillforts)

    16. The Teleport camper.
    He will telecamp you with the impact hammer.

    17. The water camper.
    He will kill you while you are swimming

    18. The random spawner camper
    He will make a mini base on the random spawner and wont leave it ever.

    Pro campers:
    1. The camper camper
    This camper will camp to kill another camper.

    2. The warhead camper
    This camper will wait for you to take that invincible warhead you made to kill you.

    3. The game finish camper.
    This camper will kill you with a nuke when there are only 20 seconds left.

    4. The combo nukes camper.
    This camper will camp with combos the only entrance a guided warhead would use.

    No Campers:
    1. The leecher camper
    He wont camp you but your buildings.

    2. The in front of you camper
    He will kill you being in front of you but you will still say he was camping.

    3. The hero nocamper
    He will just come to kill the camper.

    etc.. will edit if I think of more

    in face, killing from 2nd and top floors, 1st I guess if you dont stop moving its not.
    minicivil, from the 2 towers or at the top your base.
    bluevember, combos/rockets in stairs.
    any map with mountains, killing people from the mountains.

    so for me camping is:
    killing someone while not being able to be killed at all by the person you are killing

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    Awesome reply areku 8)

    Basically anyone can be killed no matter what or where they camp. If they are not helping their team then they should be removed.

    Also what Chronox said about possible future problems in the tournament. There should be specific rules on what camping is, especially for the new people who don't know what's "between the lines" or not.

    I see a camper as a guy who sits in one spot and snipes while doing nothing else. A guy like this gets minimal points and does not help his team at all. He builds nothing and wastes a spot on your team.

    Then you have a team who takes over a strategic spot on a map. They build SP/containers. They "camp" there and shoot anyone they can. Are they campers? If one person protects this area is he/she a camper?

    They can be taken out but sometimes at much cost in RU.

    I only bring this up because I see many different types of camping, much like areku wrote about 8)

    This makes it very confusing at times. When can I defend my base, repair, build, snipe a bit when extra RU needed, and not be called a camper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Civie your the guy that made the two containers, protected and booster in the big bathrooms map. You know you can use impact hammer to get up there right. -.-
    Yes I realize that. I still need to learn a lot more tho.

    I also hate the tri weapon use that is rampant. I wont mention names but many clan members do it. Is there a way to stop it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tooly View Post
    Yes I realize that. I still need to learn a lot more tho.

    I also hate the tri weapon use that is rampant. I wont mention names but many clan members do it. Is there a way to stop it?
    We dont care much about multigunning in the public server.... but in pugs and tour nament its illegal and u will be kicked out

    the only reason we let be in the public server is because sometimes it gets a lil to leechly and hard to kill buildings.... so multigunning helps a lil

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