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    Defendant: GOD
    Prosecutor: ChanClan
    Charges: Team Removing (x2)

    Evidence: Corrupted... sorry. I took screen shot, but didn't keep...

    Witness Testimony:
    There were lots of other witnesses to this atrocious act of cruelty. The defendant intentionally waited until the match was going strong then sabotaged the match. At the peak of the Siege, he removed 2 major Offensive elements (2 Super Containers), giving leverage to the other team.

    Sentence: 50 matches (x2) for each Super Container Removed = 100 Matches (FIRM).

    BTW: this is the Mystery player that Fleece posted about ...

    Quote Originally Posted by x-fleece-x_{HoF} View Post
    This person have caused problem before, I don't know who "God" is, a few people were playing siege, like 4 people and all of them wanted to play except him, so he removed, I talked to him and warned him but he only said "this is a pro server, isn't it?"

    other maps, he have tried to teamswitch and shit. I guess it's time to keep an eye on him next time he get back on the server.
    Prosecution Rests...
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    i told u guys this was trouble then all of a sudden while raping the enemy he removes my sc's..
    luckely severed was there to ban him ty very much
    i hope u admins can ban him for longer because he knows what he is doing

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