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    I'll Try... (poem)

    I'll Try...

    I can do it, yes I can; I don't have to be what I am.

    I'll Try to move forward and never look back;

    I'll run the race of life's race track;

    Learn from my mistakes, pray then forget;

    I'll never look in regret!

    I'll Try and be strong, in emotion and Spirit, I know I can do it!

    With God on my side, and with a killing of my pride,

    I know... I can do it, why can't I?

    I Can smile, and not need to cry;

    I can laugh and not need to sigh;

    I can live in peace, I have no need of fear,

    Dear God draw me near!

    I Will be what I should be, and do what I should do;

    Love who he loves, and do what he does;

    I'll be God's little one.

    I'll Remember, I'm loved.

    Thank You for loving me, I love you too.

    I hope some1 liked it, if not thank you for reading anyway. :P

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

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    i cant find the like button wtf?

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    its ok ...
    not so good , no use for big words and you uses the most simple rhyme ... but good job go on

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    I was aiming more for sentiment than fanciness, but I'm glad you liked it!

    I think the buttons are back BunnyHopper. XD

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