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Thread: uk application

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    Feb 2011

    Post uk application

    Name: Clayton Wint

    UT Name (Common name and Aliases as well): GORDON!!!


    Email/MSN: [email protected]

    Location (What country you are from & are living in): Jamaica and Im living in Jamaica

    What do you think of |uK|: best server ever

    What can you bring to this clan: every thing

    How many years have you been playing UT: since grade 8 so that would like 5years

    Preferred gametype (Siege, LGI, NGI, Binslayer, BT): all

    Have you been or are you in any other clans: no

    What is your UT history: not much

    Have you got or can use Teamspeak RC2: no and yes

    Have you got XFire or can you use XFire: yes

    Other Comments: I wanted to be a uk so long

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    Barranquilla, Colombia
    I really doubt they let u in being honest... Now that "we" need super skilled players they dont let most people in.

    Good luck anyway
    "Tactical Suicide!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|Chronox View Post
    "we" need super skilled players Good luck anyway
    Like me HaHaHA!!

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    Be active in forums and ts, let us know you first..
    We dont usually let anyone that comes here only asking to join join us

    Good luck

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    Jan 2011
    yh for real be more active i dno how u play and shit

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    Moved to correct category.

    Goodluck to your app, I would recommend trying for U$A though.

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    Application Denied

    - You never play with us on TS
    - Your not that good
    - Yor not the type of player we are looking for

    Try again later.. and join us on TS and play with us

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    The Best There Ever Will Be! |uK|B|aZe//.'s Avatar
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    London, United Kingdom
    what silverwing said.

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