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    The Best There Ever Will Be! |uK|B|aZe//.'s Avatar
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    [R]^W4rrior`and [R]^Eliezer

    you wanted proof? heres all the proof you will need

    team stacking both of them on purpose there is a ts log from w4rri0r which i found very amusing

    witnesses me fleece and sw saw it all, I personally asked fleece to watch for when w4rri0r comes in as he had gone to spec at the beginning because he didnt like his team, sure enough w4rri0r did what I thought he would do.

    I thought I had the demo of this all but w4rri0r helped me back this all up with the teamspeak chat we had after all this.

    now for w4rri0rs teamspeak log of the chat I had with him and his excuse

    <22:47:59> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": i dont play
    <22:49:12> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": not set my keyboard
    <22:49:15> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": and
    <22:49:22> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": i cant say !s
    <22:49:29> "ℓάŽ//.": but you can say !p
    <22:49:31> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": I try
    <22:49:34> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": ye
    <22:49:38> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": but
    <22:49:45> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": later
    <22:49:47> "ℓάŽ//.": you know what makes me laugh
    <22:49:50> "ℓάŽ//.": you said !s
    <22:49:50> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": i cant say !s
    <22:49:54> "ℓάŽ//.": at the beginning of the game
    <22:49:55> "ℓάŽ//.": and it worked
    <22:49:57> "ℓάŽ//.": because you went spec
    <22:50:02> "ℓάŽ//.": thanks a lot for the evidence.
    <22:50:28> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": i dont
    <22:50:29> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": play
    <22:50:32> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": i dont move in the game
    <22:51:06> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": I have no point
    <22:51:46> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": Show me the ss
    <22:54:32> "W4rrior`I LIKE STEAK!": come on show me ss

    now you tell me from reading what I said to him and looking at the screenshot particularly the first one I posted how he suddenly had "issues" with his keyboard and yet could manage to type !p but not type !s COINCIDENCE?

    have fun with the bans guys you really did prove my point on what you are doing everyday without punishment. both banned for 100 matches each will be more if there are "protests"

    Last edited by |uK|B|aZe//.; 05-17-2012 at 06:10 PM.

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    in your heart ❤
    ahahha fucking warrior at least he is funny, ur mad all the day hahaa get a holydays man ROFL
    Never Lucky.

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    Killing Spree UcHiHa's Avatar
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    i have something to say , well about Eliezer, you might think i am protecting him but is not true ok?. in first place ( this happens to many of us , including me ) when server is to heavy or with many people the login cant be complete and kick us out. or at least that happens with me sometimes where i am trying to get in like 6 or 7 times , and i cant see weapons, my ping , other players. and is soooo slowly until server validates me and i can start to play.

    i dont eddited nothing before this, i only add this...... i'm not say that happens, only can be a posibility, if i'm wrong well i guess i'm wrong then XD
    Last edited by UcHiHa; 05-17-2012 at 10:51 PM.

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    During all the times I joined their teamspeak I never saw Eliezer come online with them, so Idk about him
    Season ranks: MLSG - #45 Semis, MLSG II - #38 Finals, MLSG III - #34 Finals, GU.Siege - #32 5th Place, IST - #11 CHAMPION

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    I said this [Rootkits]^CD`~z:spamer pussy
    he spamer pusy was for the player 800 who was spamming constantly the ss, so dont mix the things for your own convenience
    talking about warrior and eliezer. eliezer never gets on teamspeak, so i didnt knew he was triying to get in, i dont know how you justified the ban telling than eliezer was trying to get in and reconnecting for be in my team, about how his reconnect to much is for the bad internet connection he has , even more, he cant even see the contruccions
    now maybe warrior was trying to help me , or maybe not , i cant justified that
    This in not like a common ban, instead of that is like a persecution to the R members, i think there is a long resented , i really dont know your motive , but the drama is only with you, i still remembered when you ban my without some reason , only for your bad mood.
    sure, i seen High stakers, cod stakers, uK stakers and they together in one team xD , i am aware that rootkits have done that too, but only rookits need to pay with bans?
    and the players who use specs for help? , players than go in for kill nukes and leave, players who are losing go to spec, balance teams , and get in again? xD What happen with them??
    You are recentful Blaze, i dont know why or for what
    tell it better , maybe we cant fix it? or is simply common racism...

    HOOO simply a
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    C R A Z Y F R O G !






    V E R Y F R O G !

    Plz Unbann Eliezer?

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    Whicked Sick UNrealshots's Avatar
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    LMFAO I laughed so hard when i seen that fuckin meme omggggggggg thats epic.

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    idd gg finally we can proof it.

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    ohmy... whos that sexy player named Lomaticc? Anyways this is well enough proof of Rootkits stacking for me, gj BlaZe, or if its them getting kicked for having such a gay ping and born half retarded ACE detects it! Anyways i feel bad for you poor chilean bastards you make me shame of my own kind *cries in a corner*

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