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    Sony is walking into another fight they don't stand a chance of winning

    3DS VS NGP. Both systems are confirmed, both are going to be reasonably priced, and Sony is going to have the upper hand in the hardware category. Unfortunately, the more powerful hardware is already acting as a double-edged sword. We already know that Nintendo has some explosive games announced for their system, including definitive (best!) versions of Super Street Fighter 4, Ocarina of Time, and possibly Snake Eater. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Sony, due to the NGP having too much power, it's clear that developer's don't see much incentive to develop specifically for the platform and instead seem to be focusing on making ports (ports are OK as long as they are just as good if not better than their original releases, unfortunately that wasn't the case with the PSP and it's not looking that way for the NGP) of games that play better on other platforms, one such game being Uncharted. To top that off the most original things I saw in Sony's video were spin-offs of already existing games (something that killed the PSP, most of these ended up finding their way onto the PS2 with enhancements, Twisted Metal: Head On was one such game) and casual bullshit. As a gamer with at least a handful of systems from every era (I've even had the privilege to screw around with a Magnavox Oddysee once), I always make sure that when I pick up a game, it's either the best version or the only version, and I don't enjoy constantly playing spin-offs as they usually lack originality and just recycle a tired formula. Hopefully I'm wrong about all of this, and someone FINALLY puts Nintendo in their place (something I was hoping would happen with the Game Gear and later the Neo Geo Pocket) and hopefully Sony will wake up and see that it's games that make a system, not pretty specs, but sadly this is not looking to be the case. It still a possibility though, the PS3 did turn out to be a good "what if" story for the Sega Saturn.
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