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    Idk if you'd call this a poem or just sections of small sayings or "proverbs".
    But anyways I tried. xD

    Just a note, all these things I had to learn the painful hard way please don't make the same mistakes I did.


    To Respect is to show what you'd like in return,
    Return respect from disrespect see what happens,
    If the response is negative that person only feels vulnerable because they know they are out classed, so, smile! You got class!

    To Forgive isn't weakness, it means you want to move on in life,
    To move on in life means you don't have an ax to grind,
    To not have an ax to grind you have a cleared mind of all wrongs done to you.

    To Miss isn't weakness, it means you have love,
    To love isn't a weakness that means you have a heart,
    To not be heartless isn't a weakness, it's the greatest strength.

    To Love isn't weakness, it's a sign of strength,
    Strength comes from loving those who don't understand how or why, nor deserves it,
    To be strong and truly love, you first must commit and learn not to hate; then you have to exspress.

    The Heart of the Just will not Fear,
    The Love of the Perfect will never Fail,
    The Goodness of the Un-Wanting back giving will show Light to a Dead Soul,
    The Heart of the Holy and Wholesome will make Peace Forever.

    To_____ … You fill in the blank, what are you really doing?


    To Cry isn't a weakness, it means you've been hurt,
    It's not a sin to be hurt, it is however to hold on forever,
    To cry for a season is to let it go, not lay in regret, just cry instead of endlessly being in a mode of fret.

    To Love and not say, is to not have what's True,
    To have what's True you'll want to say "I Love You",
    No matter the person, no matter the place, if you have love, you'll give that grace.

    To be in a state of Sadness, it to hurt yourself,
    To hurt yourself, is to hurt all around you,
    To hurt all around you, is to become alone...

    Learn before you do, don't hurt those around you...You may never get them back.

    To be in a state of mind is to pick the path of life, choose wisely.


    I had to learn the hard way.

    I hope this gave you sth to think about at least....

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

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    It's nice... thank you for sharing...

    To speak is to share
    To share, is to give
    to give is to love
    to love is


    I hope happiness finds you in all your travels and experiences.

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    I love these philosophies moko

    GG (good girl )

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    D'awww thank you guys! ^.^
    Lol SAM, I love it! GG = good girl. XD

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