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Thread: Mass stacking.

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    Got a few questions, to the server operator.

    Is the initial balancing being reverted due to the team locking stuff?
    If that's so, you should let the balancer do the stuff, THEN enable the lock.

    Second, assuming team lock is disabled, is the previous game's strength strength value only used during initial balancing?
    If that's so, I could tell you of a couple of players that leave the server upon match end, and join after next match start to avoid being balanced by strength and to enter the team that has less but more skilled players, thing that happened as well in that game.

    Third, there is a way to decide what team will get the next player to join in the first minutes where numbers can give great advantage, but it will leave that as homework to the admins, if you're so interested to solve these issues.

    A final thought, the incidence of these issues is inversely proportional to the quality of the moderation.
    Even a server like HSF has occasional minor balancing issues due to being left alone most of the time, but funny enough, the most stacked matches I've seen, are precisely in presence of ill intentioned moderators.

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    rofl @ blue team

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