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    Hi, since yesterday, I have been banished from your server, for the reason of the laming, but yet I still have more that 10 Grabs a each map, so I can't see the point, I ask with all kindness to me deban, thank you has you

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    Swaag also known as win7'!T , Over the past 2 day's i have speced this player on the server and was warned for dming behind caves and arse running , he as had 7-8 warning's plus as been banned for x number of matche's but that had no effect at all , So the 8th time after serveral warning's he was given a 5 day ban.

    So he Decided to pm me on irc asking for is ban to be removed to which i Advised him to come to the forum and state his case ,
    Session Start: Sun Jun 17 12:41:00 2012
    12:41 SwaaG,Hello Jass
    12:43`JaSs^afk, hello
    12:51 SwaaG Why you as banished me from the UK Server? I am win7
    12:53 SwaaG?
    12:56`JaSs^afk,because u was laming on server and u was warned!
    12:57 SwaaG,deban me please
    12:57SwaaG,i'am DTS
    12:59 SwaaG This last time, I have stop, is it you please deban me
    13:01 SwaaG ?
    13:04 `JaSs^afk your ban expires on the 21th
    13:13 SwaaG Arf, please Jass, deban me please
    13 13:21 `JaSs^afk you can go to forum and state your case
    Session Close: Sun Jun 17 13:22:07 2012
    As Swaag say's [12:59 SwaaG This last time, I have stop, is it you please deban me] but he did'nt .
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    well all i can say is you were warned and you didnt take the warnings seriously and now you are because you cant play, serve your ban and learn from this

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    U MAD BRO? :7

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