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Thread: Lag glitch.

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    Lag glitch.

    This glitch is being abused quite often this week.

    I have no idea who's causing it because the player in question disappears, with it's kinda obvious that when in a day you get repeated cases of Simplex's gates staying open for 30 seconds (allowing easy sight/access for snipers and nukers), or when your super protectors stay shooting at a specific spot, it is being done on purpose.

    Sure, there's no flag and it doesn't precisely break the game, but it's still dirty play.

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    Whicked Sick Keith's Avatar
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    The same bug also happen in all niven versions.

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    Jan 2011
    There's not much to do about it considering it's the map....what's the problem exactly?

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    The Best There Ever Will Be! |uK|B|aZe//.'s Avatar
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    are you guys talking about the 4 way problem or what

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    No, he means that the door in Niven or Simplex is not closing for maybe half a minute. It's not Siege related, also happens in other mods.
    I don't think anyone is doing it on purpose, it happens randomly, though you never know.

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    hmm yeah ive seen this before on simplex, such a stupid bug base is open everyone can just run into the base.:grumpy:

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