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    CoD|Joker Poland

    Moderator: .se\/ered.][
    Server:.......One Night Stand
    Player: .......CoD|Joker Poland
    Infraction: ..Removing the Super Supplier and Leaving.
    Penalty: .....1 day (ISH)

    Witness Testimony:
    Quote Originally Posted by Banny View Post
    We were playing butchered map. Joker poland made Super supplier. As we know all this kid knows is sneak in core and rocket cannon the core but today was not his day. he kept failing so ultimately he Ragedquit along with removing supplier.

    Quote Originally Posted by JokerPoland View Post
    i want remove sup but but accidentally, i removed ss. i pissed up and i reset the computer. It happens. but thank you for give me ban, beat the record as well remember this is my 7

    Quote Originally Posted by .se\/ered.][ View Post
    Well, that sort of thing DOES happen. SPECIALLY when you getting BOOSTED from you OWN TEAMMATES and there are 2 boosts in the post from BANNY alone.
    Quote Originally Posted by .se\/ered.][ View Post
    SO, maybe we split the difference, and call it 1 day. Don't abandon your team like that, specially after crippling them. Stay in the game, and at least finish the match. (unless your Mom is calling you for Dinner .

    And boosting teammate's has ALOT to do with the Ban... Banny. 11 BOOSTS? what were you shooting at?


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