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Thread: Another Idea

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    Another Idea

    As Posted Here:

    Hi Guys!

    I have an idea, since a lot of the people who are playing are Latinos/Hispanics, my idea is maybe somebody make a list of common sayings in English being said In to Spanish people say playing in game like "High!" "Low!" "Upgrade the Core" "NUKE NOW!"...Ect.. Most of the Latinos know them in English, but some people are no mic and can't say them, and some people only write in Spanish and will be writing to other Latin players.

    Granted if each team had a translator who was well in English and Spanish (Moskva, Krikor, and Uchiha for example) the team(s) would be fine...Idk just an idea, I don't want to see people saying..I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT (put name here) SAID TO ME! THAT'S WHY WE LOST!...Then it opens doors to disrespect even though it's nobody's fault and all that. :\

    Like I said just an Idea.

    Thank You For Reading!

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

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    1 translator for 2 teams or just 2 for each team 1?

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    ...What? lol

    I'm saying make a list, like this:

    Arriba - High
    Abajo - Low
    Toma mi nuke - Take my nuke.

    Like that!

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    Croatia, Pula

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    Is not a bad idea, i dont think learn some words in spanish cant be so hard right?. At least the most important words.

    Arriba- High
    Abajo- Low
    Up(Anything)- Dale up al ( anything )
    Flame Inc- Viene Flame
    rep me- repara/reparame
    Take the nuke- Toma mi nuke
    behind(anything)- detrs de (anything)

    There are some of them, maybe if you learn some of this words, the game will be a little easier for us too.

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    Exactly my Point! lol

    I'll probably write them down so I can write them in game after a wile I'll remember. lol

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    Excellent idea, our bi-lingual admins can implement this.

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