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    Moderator: .se\/ered.][
    Server: One Night Stand
    Player: CHUVAY
    Infraction: Team Removing2 (AGAIN!)
    Penalty: 50 Matches

    Witness Testimony: asesino removed Chuvay's Super Container, as soon as he realized it was gone (because blacksnoow had made one) he assumed blacksnoow removed his, then promptly removed that one and rage quit. This is his SECOND rage removing incident.

    Prior Incident

    Evidence: Log file

    [35:52] }IN{artist was slimed.
    [35:51] .se\/ered.][ riddled NoObing full of holes with the Enforcer.
    [35:51] asesino removed CHUVAY's Super Container
    [35:48] Welcome to |uK| Siege, in memory of |uK|*STARS* 22/06/08
    [35:41] All_You_Can_Eat!!!!! was smacked down by .:Rp.:Rulo0.6's Rocket Launcher.
    [35:41] .:Rp.:Rulo0.6 got revenge on All_You_Can_Eat!!!!!.
    [35:41] Higor drank a glass of Nicotine's dripping green
    [25:31] CHUVAY removed blacksnoow's Super Container
    [25:29] Kanelo was smacked down by BassMan's Rocket Launcher.
    [25:29] BassMan is on a killing spree!
    [25:29] Banny killed his own dumb self.
    [25:28] .:Rp.:Rulo0.6 was smacked down by }IN{artist's Rocket Launcher.
    [25:28] All_You_Can_Eat!!!!! was smacked down by .:Rp.:Rulo0.6's Rocket Launcher.
    [25:26] NoObing put a bullet through blacksnoow's head.
    [25:26] .:Rp.:Rulo0.6 Ha ha ha!
    [25:25] (-n00b_Sieger) CHUVAY

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