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    MLSG II :: Demos

    Here is a simple help guide on how to demo.

    Instead of using complicated programs like Demo Manager, use ACE's simple demo feature to record demos.

    How :
    When in the server simply type in your console

    demorec demoname

    Replace demoname with whatever name you want.

    There must be no spaces in any of these commands!

    Check :

    You can check if your demos are recording by looking at the top right of your screen when in the server.

    When recording the screen should say Recording : demoname

    When not recording, the screen should say Recording : no

    Remember that when you go to another map or restart the server (rejoin) you must record again

    When done :

    This demo will record for the map then go into your UT System
    If the MLSG Admins ever request you to upload a demo for them, use a website to upload, then send the link to the admins
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    It is the CAPTAINS responsibility to make sure the team demos not the admins

    I will try and remind the captains and players if i'm around during match time but let this serve as warning if your team doesn't demo you will forfeit the match

    If you reconnect in any way to the server you still need to demo. There should be no excuses

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