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    Mini-Draft completed - limit pushed to 9

    Hey MLSG, on Monday July 16th, after the draft on Sunday. MLSG Admins recieved numerous suggestions from the FA list that a lot of them would like to see another team created.

    It is true, we have a very active and willing FA list this season, which was great news for the 6 teams of 8 we had. The captains were ensured good trades and active trades, something many leagues do not enjoy.

    To compromise, we created a mini-draft, so teams could pick up a 9th player and have 9 total. The round looked like this

    : Uchiha 510 - Moskva 475 - Rays 475 - SW 475 - Kron 465 - Kenneth 445

    This was derived from how much these captains would have let if we actually had a 9 player draft on Sunday.

    The picks:

    Sovvie will be going to : Da Victorious Mongols
    Orus will be headed to : Sneaky Bastards
    Reaven is the next : Ape Killas
    Novak has earned a place at : Proffechionals
    Chocolate will siege with : JukeBox
    JokePoland will play with : the apes

    Trades will be open Tuesday July 17th at 12AM EST


    Matches are this weekend! Get your team prepped and good luck.
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    damn son Novak on my team? Our defense just got a bit stronger

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