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Thread: *TNT*scorpion*

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    Moderator: .se\/ered.][
    Server: One Night Stand
    Player: *TNT*scorpion*
    Infraction: Team Removing to gain RU for building a nuke.
    Penalty: Permanent, pending Forum Registration

    Witness Testimony: I received the 'removing' audible sound (I wish), I mean I observed *TNT*scorpion* team removing while I was moderating the OneNightStand server. His RU was 1100 and he was jumping around trying to get someone to upgrade him. When no one did, he proceedeed to remove two containers that were with in reach.

    After I warned him, he did not remove any more and went to the core to wait for his RU to get to 1300. He built a nuke and stood over it until it finished building. Picked it up, ran out of the base and got killed right in front his own base's door. (Simplex). He then proceeded to go directly to the rest of the containers in the base and removed all of them. This guy is a repeat offender and his ban is permanent until he registers at the forums.


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    Really Sucks to see a *TNT* Player go, I Used to be in *TNT*(Sniper Clan) But then it died(my roots of ut), I Hope he learns.

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    Lol funny read

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    I'm von and that holy shit was because I gathered the enemy team trying to kill me in the core room when my fingers are stuck to launch my nuke xd that was lucky
    I need to set a bind to get my nuke I currently use "SniperRifle+PreviousWeapon+Click" to launch it and that is very tangled sometimes in the nuking moment

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    I banned him before for team removing as well,guess he didnt learn from it.

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