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    convicts rankings

    MLSG II :: Team Rankings

    1.Ape Killas
    |uK|SilverWing $955
    ACF $100
    alchemistx $100
    Jadey_Babey $280
    Krikor $895
    mal $910
    Sovvie $400
    {KAI}Intimidator $100
    |uK|Diablo $835

    Without a doubt the most frag heavy team. I am ranking them #1 based on everyone showing every match.. but I have my doubts. Before the addition of a 9th I would of ranked them lower but sovvie can hold her own making this team a lot stronger. Congrads to sovvie on finally getting to start in matches and they are going to need her. Mal Krikor and SW = best offense so once the base is built up i'm sure Diablo and sovvie will be able to hold it down. I see this team dominating most of the open maps however I can still see this team getting torn apart on maps that require a lot of teamwork teles and strategy. But with everyone speaking english and having comms they have a good shot at even the closed ones. Only problem with this team is if one of the top 4 doesn't show they are getting spanked harder than even sovvie would like. The pressure is on for this team to live up to the hype of having the highest salaried 4 starters now its up to them to deliver.

    2.Da Victorious Mongols
    |uK|Moskva $490
    B|aZe//. $1000
    Darkangel` $685
    fleece $235
    KarmaOhDee $100
    Osyris $850
    reavEn $115
    Spiderman $100
    [R]^Black|Shoot $865

    Moskva - that piece of shit beat me out of a trade by less than a second for Darkangel. I'm going to do everything in my power to remind him why he should of picked me first. I'm interested to see how this team works together when blaze has a different idea of how to attack than osyris. But blackshoot and blaze work really well together. Osyris and blackshoot work well together as well..The communication won't be as good as me and blaze in season 1 but I still think this team will get the job done most of the time. Moskva will feel what its like to be the weak link on his team. Only problem I see is their offense. Sure blackshoot can do some good things with piston and boots but against the better defensive teams I just don't see them being able to finish teams off completely. I'm interested to see if blaze pushes up after getting impatient with osyris's failures leaving them wide open to get crushed by teles. I would of ranked this team lower but the addition of Dark makes this team a lot stronger on offense or defense. They have some flexibility which makes this team a serious contender. I've played with everyone on this team I know how they play and what to expect but I have a feeling they are going to wreck some of the other teams. Its going to be a good first round if everyone shows up.

    3. The apes
    kenneth $715
    CoD|MokonaFanX5000 $100
    csnafk $270
    highadrian $805
    JokerPoland $160
    RailDemon $730
    Shotman $110
    TDNConvict* $970
    [R]^Chop_Drain $790

    I would of gone with team RAGE quit but i'm not the captain. I was freaking out a little bit after the draft because I don't want to have to play defense all season. Kenneth god bless him went for csn who is not even close to being match ready and MIA but whatever he stepped up to captain so i'm not going to bash him. I still have a feeling i'm going to have to help build the base up a lot but I like our team overall. We have a lot of frag power with myself, chop, rail, adrian. I run well with adrian so if our defense can hold up we will be wrecking the weaker defenses. One issue I see is the communication between all of us. I'm hoping that kenneth opens up and talks a ton. Me and rail will be lighting up teamspeak and hopefully adrian and chop as well. Communication in matches can completely destroy or lead a team to win a close match so we will see how it goes. I think kenneth first picked me because he doesn't want me destroying him in mid and when he nukes. Regardless we work well together. I feel like he fails when he tries to do it all himself... I can cover like a magical shield of sunshine and do more damage than a fat kid at a buffet line so hopefully that help free up our d enough to keep it in our favor.

    4. Jukebox
    Kron $625
    Chocolate $340
    Dem` $760
    Dewsick $470
    Freeze $940
    lemon $100
    Sheepy $580
    SnOrLaCk_Xp $610
    uQwack $100

    I really wanted to rank this team higher but in its current state I just don't see it. I don't doubt freeze's ability and rank him in top 3 offense even without being able to frag a ton. Kron is a solid player with great comms. Dem can frag and knows how to play well. But after these three the team drops off a cliff. Sure i can see this team winning some maps like masteroid but beyond that they are just going to get wrecked. I know you can never count freeze out but if your thinking that sheepy dewsick and snorlack are going to get done for you on d... lol i'm going to shit all over them. I still think they can be top 1-2 teams if they make some smart trades and freeze did that last season to get to the finals but I think they will find out quickly their team is lacking at the momment. Perhaps if you put Dem and sheepy/dew on defense with freeze kron choco or someone on o they will do well. If freeze can pull it out with this team I really give him credit. On the bright side with lower ranked players they should have an easier time with trades and getting a full team to show.. basically the complete opposite of sw strategy of trying to get the highest ranked players possible and if they don't show its game over... Good luck to you kron/freeze

    5.Sneaky Bastards
    Rays $925
    A^3 $550
    grimreaper $700
    High Voltage $100
    Panic $100
    terminator $880
    UNrealshots $745
    [R]^BuN-B133 $175
    [R]^Orus $415

    rofl this is going to be one of the least sneaky teams other than uchihas team but without a doubt one of the harder teams to finish. Somehow rays got all the defense that our team needs lol. With 3 d players that should free up rays to go offense sticking A3 and shots on d which makes this team interesting. Termi rays and grim on o is pretty solid. With grim, say what you want about the guy but he can play at a high level. But termi and shots are a liability in my eyes in terms of showing up. If they do all show and rays get to go offense I can see this team doing well. What this team is lacking other than grim is someone who can really finish the tough maps that require a lot of teles nukes and teamwork. Open maps this team will match up well against all the teams. Grimplex anyone? rofl

    Uchiha $775
    M1K3 $385
    raptor $130
    Vatiko// $565
    YuGo $985
    [R]^Dex $560
    [R]^U2(Chile) $145
    |uK|lotrfan67 $595
    ||OVAK $475

    comms may be a slight issue. defense of uchiha and vatiko should be alright with dex chis and lotr on offense could be good. Novak was a good pickup. He can defend pretty well and has good comms so +1 on that pickup. Only problem I see is their offense. Chis is one of the better nukers/attackers .. lotr is probably under ranked but I just don't see them being able to get past the better defenses to finish maps. I view them as the young guns this season. They have some potential but need someone other than uchiha/chis to really unite and lead them to get a lot of wins. Maybe they will prove me wrong who knows but clearly i'm not the only one who thinks this team is going to have the hardest time getting to the finals.
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    who's that "sovvie" person that convict is talkin about??? lololololol
    you have wayyyyyy too much faith in me convict xD i feel so much pressure to actually play well!! D:
    but i have to say.. i do love seeing our team on top xD

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    nice read time to school you guys

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    Enjoyed that read nice write up. The teams look exciting I'll be watching

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    I though we were gonna get a cable channel this year? Hmmmm ... maybe next year.

    MLSG PN...

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