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    MLSG II :: Round 2 Predictions

    #6. Sneaky Bastards vs. #4. Ape Killas
    Sneaky Bastards: Rays Terminator Grim Vatiko A3 Novak Bun-B133 Chile Panic
    Ape Killas: Silverwing Mal Krikor Diablo Sovvie Jadey Intimidator ACF Alchemistx

    After a disappointing show from the Sneaky Bastards in the first round they are desperate to get their first win of the season against the Ape Killas. The sneaky bastards ringing in the changes, trading out their firstpick UNrealshots for Vatiko, and increasing their bench-strength with Novak and U2(CHILE). The Ape Killas were disappointing in their first round as well, provided that their top 5 did show, they tied the first round against a B-Team from the Proffechionals. Both teams are heavy on frags, while the Bastards are packed on defense, the Killas are loaded on offense. Vatiko has another chance to work his charm against the Ape Killas, which I'm sure will be still in the back of the Killas' minds. I expect the Bastards' defense to be rock solid, might even play a 3D until base is built, the Killas might go for the kill early on. Once the bases are built we've seen that the Ape killas struggle to breakthrough, or make retarded decisions in the heat of the battle. If Rays can get it right for the first time in MLSG history (top5 showing), I believe they will take it 2-0 against the Killas.

    #1. JukeBox vs. #2. Da Victorious Mongols
    JukeBox: Kron Freeze Dem Tata Sheepy Dewsick Chocolate uQwack lemon
    Da Victorious Mongols: Moskva Blaze Blackshoot Osyris Darkangel Fleece KarmaOhDee Spiderman Reaven

    Jukebox had an easy victory against a weakened Sneaky Bastards side, while the Mongols had a hard time beating a severely weakened Apes team. The Jukebox stallions not wasting time in their matches, showing off their teamwork, and dat team chemistry. No headaches, no Osyris. After the Mongols vs. the apes match Osyris PM'ed me: "next week you gona losse papi =)", whatever son, I'll be glad if you don't forget how to breathe. The Mongols relying a lot on their top 5 to show, and even when they showed they didn't look all that impressive. I expect the Mongols to take an open map a la Minicivilwar/Bathrooms against the Jukers, but maps won't matter in this matchup, the Jukers gonna take this 2-0, prepare your assholes.

    #3. Proffechionals vs. #5. The Apes
    Proffechionals: Uchiha Chiseller UNrealshots Lotrfan67 Dex Mike First-day-dead Raptor High Voltage
    The Apes: Kenneth Convict Adrian Raildemon Sponge csnafk Jokerpoland Shotman Moko

    Proffechionals looking good with their experience. They got MLSG-finalist Dex in their team to pass on the tactics. His mega camp station seems pretty productive in the closed maps and can really demoralize the opposing teams. Mike is a decent student and has been promoted to junior camp station during their first round. If chis manages to show together with UNrealshots they might trouble The Apes, just like they troubled the Ape Killas. The Apes looked promising as well in their first round matches despite starting one bench player. Kenneth needs to step his game up for The Apes to be successful though, otherwise they'll get rolled by the proffechionals. I expect the Proffechionals to tie this against The Apes.
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    nice m8

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiosonic View Post
    Kenneth needs to step his game up for The Apes to be successful though, otherwise they'll get rolled by the proffechionals. I expect the Proffechionals to tie this against The Apes.
    cant do it if im going to lag as fuck again.... was hard to make a cmobo in bluevember my lag spikes was so annoying. wasnt better on the second map on the first round

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    Good read prof, I can't wait for the stream for JB vs VM! Gonna be one of the best grudge matches of the season!

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    Very nice predictions.

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    we were missing two starters

    good writeup

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