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    Scroll Message/CameraSpot Problems

    Ok First ill start with Scroll Message.

    Actors>Info>ClientScripted Texture> Scroll Message.

    So i wanted to add this to my new map,

    Usally it will say "Disturbed Leads With 24 Frags" Or What ever the mapper wants it to be.
     Player %ip leads with %if frags.
    So in my new map, I want it to say"Disturbed is on a Killing Spree or rampage or what ever With 5 NUKE kills"" i want it as if i kill 5=killingspree kill 10=rampage ect.
    So would it be "%IP Is on a Killing Spree Rampage ect with %NukeKills(Im Sure i need the nuke coding for that)"? I Don't know anything about coding sorry. I Tried Though .

    Question #2

    Camera Spots:
    So we all know how you walk in to a "Screen" And it acts like a camera. For example CTF-'uK-Bathrooms. In the NUKE Room if u walk(swim) into the little squares, You can see Other parts of the map from different spots.
    So, I've tried to set that up but failed.
    I have gotten to the part where you walk to the "Screen" Then it SHOULD Show u where you put the CameraSpot Actor, But that failed, When i try it, It Acts like its going into but u still look at the same spot your guy is looking at, Then is just Freezes,
    So My Events For the Trigger Is
     Event> Event-CameraSpot1
    Then for CameraSpot Event i have
    When i do that, i get the RED Line Connecting the 2 Triggers, Meaning that they are Connected But somewhere somehow i have seen to mess up on that.

    Can anyone help me out here with BOTH Questions?

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