Download my ZacPacks which contain my custom packages i made of my favorite and stylish textures. Here is what they are to make sure whats in them.
ZacPack -Contains some of my custom " Zac Was Here " textures. including a nice marble-ish and blue textures in it.
ZacPack2 -Contains just regular textures with a nice reddish wood and a metal type. nothing that special.
ZacPack3XXL - This contains a lot of textures ( thats why its XXL) has a nice grass and stars textures with some other UM textures.
ZacPack4xX - Has some urban-ish textures with 2 brick textures and a KFC sign.
ZacPack5ICEv1 - Contains some very cool ' iced up textures from a skaarj thing from a mod. thought this would come in handy.
ZacPack5v - Has some of my markings and a blood shot.
ZacPack5XD - Has some out of this world urban textures that would be awesome for any map. Has cool brick textures and metal, and decor.
ZacPack7 - Has dark-ish textures like from my map ColdIce
ZacPack8v - Has about 2 cool panel textures and a few of my markings.
ZacPackaspack - I needed to make a copy of the pack before so i put into a zacpack. Has nice military textures.
ZacPackAsylum - Has some dark, evil textures a little bit. good for a dark scened map.
ZacPackBONUS - Has a few nice door textures and a painting of a city skyline and a skyline for a skybox. and a lemonade sign.
ZacPackBONUS2 - Has nice industry textures. from a BT map i think it was.
ZacPackCTF - Organized from Blue - Red only. has blue blue blue and red red red. very good for a BT or CTF map.
ZacPackCTF2 - A smaller pack of the ZacPackCTF
ZacPackDinoBino - Has ' dogcity ' textures in it and mostly ' white ish ' textures for the ' bino ' -ZacPackFIXLOGO - Has only 3 textures. kinda useless.
ZacPackFX - Has a steelgate tex and street textures.
ZacPacknyc1 - Contains random city like textures.
ZacPackRIBEIRIA - Just a copy of a rare riberia pack.
ZacPackship - 177 textures which are from a default texture package i always forget.
ZacPackSkyBox - Has some cool skybox effects
ZacPackspceFX1 - Has a couple of CTF marks and dark-ship like tex.
ZacPackStores - Very city like textures. Recomended for city map makers lol
ZacPackTerrain - Has those stupid DavidM textures in it -.- somehow just taking out a few makes it like 2000 less lighter.
ZacPackTerrainXXL - Has a custom CTF mark i made and a few other grass like tex.
ZacPackTheHood - ghetto looking city textures.
Have fun with the new packages!!!