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    MLSG II :: Round 4 Predictions

    #2. Da Victorious Mongols vs. #3. Ape Killas
    Da Victorious Mongols: Moskva Blaze Blackshoot Osyris Chop Drain Fleece KarmaOhDee Spiderman Reaven
    Ape Killas: Silverwing Krikor Diablo Raildemon Sovvie Jadey ACF Intimidator Alchemistx

    So basically since last two weeks all games have been a tied, NOTHING has changed in the standings. We got undoubtedly the two biggest douches of the season going head to head this round. The Mongols just not clicking atm with some bad decision making in crunch situations, whereas the Ape Killas seem to be a hit or miss team, with all their games tied so far. These teams look pretty even, where the Mongols have the slight upper-hand, but after watching last rounds matches, im not think is looking good for them. What maps can we expect? Ape Killas will still have last round in their mind where they got completely pulverized in their map choice, but did surprise some with a win in their 3rd BLUEBEMBER this season. What goes around comes around must be in the minds of the Mongols, who suffered an unlucky loss in simplex but then just about managed to sneak in a bathrooms win. I expect these teams to tie, with some ridiculous(ly bad) teamplay during the matches.

    #6. The Apes vs. #1. Jukebox
    The Apes: Kenneth Convict Adrian Darkangel Banny csnafk JokerPoland Shotman Moko
    JukeBox: Kron Freeze Dem Tata Sheepy Dewsick Chocolate uQwack lemon

    Where to start with the apes? They haven't clicked at all this season, no teamwork, everybody trying to magically win games single handedly trying to stroke their egos, that's not how you win matches. They'll be up against the Jukebox Stallions who have shown they are capable to go all the way with their teamplay, a nice balance between skill and tactics. The Jukers have shown us what they are capable of, but I'm not too impressed with our game-play so far and think we can do much better. Dem the Mex is back in the line-up and will fill in nicely as a fifth player, or can keep our bench motivated with his homemade burritos. The Apes will without doubt make another trade before the match, we'll just have to wait and see who that will be. They need to put effort into playing together, this round will definitely show who's gonna pack their bags and get ready to go home. I want to say the Jukers are gonna win this 2-0, but knowing the apes with their monkey tactics this might end up in a 1-1.

    #5. Sneaky Bastards vs. #4. Proffechionals
    Sneaky Bastards: Rays Terminator Grim Vatiko A3 Melted_Ice Bun-B133 High Voltage Panic
    Proffechionals: Uchiha Chiseller Hector lotrfan67 Dex M1K3 First-day-dead Chile Raptor

    Sneaky Bastards going full redneck with Rays, A3, Panic and Melted Ice in their team, almost won them the match against The Apes, but it wasn't to be. The captain himself ch-ch-choking on a mine and misdirected his final nuke to seal the deal. The Bastards still not out of the race and the Proffechionals after showing an impressive fight against the Mongols showing they deserve a playoff spot if not more. The Bastards now back again with Grim in their team, adding some severely damaged braincells to the team. The Proffechionals adding Da Best Nuka-A-Live for more offense. There will definitely be a clash between campstations in A3 vs. Dex , the one that is able to sit longer on his ass will win this game. If the Bastards can finally field their top 4/5, I think they'll take this one 2-0.

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    not only have i been packed, i moved

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